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indented with masses of rock, or gracefully varied by alluvial promontories, created by the little streams which flow into them - the steep shores crested with woods and lawns of verdant green, enamelled with clumps of trees, and gently sloping to the water - fill the eye and satiate the mind with the most exquisite feelings of delight.
The Islands are neither numerous, nor on the whole do they add much to their beauty; but the multitude of torrents and brooks, and the internal springs, render them truly vivi lacus.
The Tarns form another peculiar feature of this country. Sometimes found in the vales, but more numerous among the mountains, they answer the useful purpose of reservoirs, arresting the torrents which would otherwise be precipitated in destructive floods upon the valleys beneath, and affording a constant supply of moisture against the overpowering heat of summer. Lying as they do in the solitary recesses of lofty mountains, at the foot of steep precipices, huge fragments of rock strewed on their shores, and
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