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either a lake quietly rests, or wooded howes and little knolls, on which the cottages are perched, rise out of green meadows and smiling corn-fields. It is a great recommendation also to these vales, that each has its peculiar character, no one, taken as a whole, bearing much resemblance to any other. There is, however, sometime a likeness in the mountains, but more in their parts, considered in detail, than in their whole composition, arising from the similarity of their geological construction. There is, moreover, in all the engulphed vales, somewhat of a melancholy solemnity, caused by the grandeur of the surrounding hills, and the scarcity of inhabitants.
The forms of some of the Lakes have been objected to, as too much resembling those of rivers, especially when viewed from such a height as to embrace the whole lake at once. But this faulty appearance vanishes when they are seen from their shores, or from some moderate elevation sufficient to serve as a naturally appropriate foreground. Then their boundary lines, boldly
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