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Page 159:-
the eastern shore of Windermere; and from the happiness of its position, is a great rendezvous of tourists, who find good accommodations at the White Lion and The Crown. The islands on the lake may be most conveniently explored from this port.

Kendal to Hawes Water

Miles.KENDAL TOMiles.
Kentmere Tarn9
5Small Water14
1Hawes Water18
2Yewbarrow Hall24
Watch Gate27½
Staveley, a large flourishing village, situated in a deep and picturesque part of the vale of Kent, where the Gowel-beck falls into that river.
  Kentmere Tarn
Kentmere Tarn is in a narrow vale, about two miles in length. The Tarn is one mile long, and cannot be approached except at one point, owing to the swampiness of its margin. Near it stands the ancient Hall, a tower building.
  Small Water
Small Water is a tarn between High Street and Harter Fell. The tourist, by following the stream which issues out of it, will soon fall down to
Chapelhill.- Mardale Chapel of Ease, in a picturesque and fertile situation, surrounded by lofty fells, stands here; and Chapelhill is the property and residence of the Holmes', whose ancestor came into this country with the Conqueror.
  Hawes Water
Hawes Water.- The western side of this lake may be traversed by the tourist, as far as agreeable.
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