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Page 138:-
studded with farm-houses, that are sheltered by groups of trees. A richly-wooded promontory, that stretches from the west side of the lake, appears to cut it into two: a little beyond is Fordingdale Beck, presenting some beautiful cascades, and the grand assemblage of mountains at the lake-head, in the noblest point of view. Branstree, Harter Fell, with its ridgy projection, Riggendale, High Street, Kidsty Pike, which has two points, and is low in the middle like Saddleback, and Whelter, stand around its head, and send down the trickling streams and silvery cascades to feed this interesting water. The views, indeed, in passing up, are a composition of magnificence and sublimity, as seen from the carriage-road in the most favourable manner; the scenes looking down the lake, form a striking contrast - all is rural beauty and sylvan sweetness.
About one mile further from the head of the lake stands Mardale Chapel, which is under Shap; it is a wild solitary region, surrounded by lofty mountains and fells. Near this, in former days, there stood 'a simple cottage among rocks, woods, and solitary mountains; it bore on its varied roofs and numerous gable-ends the marks of former centuries; its owners had lived there in succession for many generations. A few paces took them to Mardale Chapel, their place of worship, and when they died, their long home was on their own premises. They were surrounded by woody knolls, and these kmolls were surrounded by lofty moun-
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