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Page 124:-
  Warwick Bridge
village and church crowning the left banks of the ground that descends with its hedge-rows down to the river, which, though invisible, skirts it the whole way. Below the ancient church of Warwick is the newly-built bridge, and more to the right is the busy manufacturing village. On the extreme right, where the fells decline into the plain, the white turrets of Edmond Castle and the tower of Hayton church are discernible. and that mass of smoke marks the locality of Brampton. In the front distance are scattered numerous seat-houses, marking the line of the military road from Carlisle to Newcastle; and beyond, the blue distance terminates in the uplands of Nichol Forest and the wild district of Bewcastle, backed by the heath-clad hills in the neighbourhood of Langholm.
  River Eden
The road leads through an extensive wood, and past the village of Cumwhitton, from about five miles. The Eden flows at a short distance through winding vistas, where water, wood, and rock, holms, and sloping banks, combine to produce scenes rarely equalled, never surpassed, but seldom seen by strangers, and therefore comparatively unknown. After a rather dull road, you are presented with it rolling down to you from Armathwaite past the pleasant mansion of Low House. The road as a foreground, the river skirting its rocky and wooden banks on the left, its meadows and haughs on the right, with the blue smoke curling upwards from Armathwaite, sheltered by the Cooms and Baron Wood, and
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