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Page 91:-
with wood, but being too near the shore, they add nothing to its beauty.
  Buttermere Hause
The best general views are from Buttermere Hawse on the east, and from the road between Scale Hill and Lowes Water. But the mountains of this vale, and those at the head of Newlands, are nowhere so impressive as from the bosom of this lake, some of the loftiest rising from its very margin. The middle part of the lake presents the utmost grandeur. In passing along the eastern side of this water to the inn of Scale Hill, after leaving the hamlet of Langthwaite Green, the tourist has a fine view of the rural and cultivated vale of Lorton, with the Cocker winding its way along a rocky channel, sparkling with numerous cascades, between banks fringed with wood. The vale is about three miles in length, bounded by lofty mountains, and is a parochial chapelry under Brigham.
  Scale Hill
Scale Hill is a commodious inn, where boats may be had, and from whence Lowes Water may be most conveniently visited.

  Lowes Water
Is a narrow lake, extending more than a mile in length, and from five to ten fathoms in depth. It is tame at its head, the water being bordered with little cultivated estates, the dwelling-houses in the centre, and the green enclosures lying around; but when viewed in the contrary direction, it presents a magnificent assemblage of mountains at its outlet,
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