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consists of a nave and aisles, and a square tower containing three bells. It was re-pewed in 1775, and its interior is now remarkably neat. There are several monuments to the Bellingham, Preston, and other families. At the grammar-school here, Bishop Watson was educated by his father, who was head master.

  Levens Hall
  Levens gardens
The beautiful seat of the Honourable Fulke Greville Howard, stands 'amidst its tall ancestral trees,' on the east side of the river Kent. The hall is a venerable mansion, deeply embosomed in wood. The interior possesses an endless variety of excellent carved work, the oak wainscoatings being enriched with figures, emblematical devices, and ornaments, which are profusely lavished on every part. The gardens were laid out in the old Dutch style, by Mr. Beaumont, gardener to James II, and they are still kept up in the same imposing style of heavy magnificence. The river enters the grounds by a cascade of foaming whiteness, and pursues its way amid lawns, sweetly diversified with trees, whilst herds of deer

'-- across their green-sward bound,
Through shade and sunny gleam;
And the swan glides past them, with the sound
Of Kent's rejoicing stream.'
As an object for the attention of the antiquary, or the lovers of the picturesque, this hall is unrivalled in this part of the country. Levens chapel, a new
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