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preface to part 1, 7:-
The Muse mongst Hils and Rivers; Whatsoever tastes of description, Battell, Story, Abstruse Antiquity, and (which my particular Study caus'd me sometimes remember) Law of the Kingdome, To the more Sever Reader. To the one, Be contenting enjoyments of their Auspicious Desires; To the other, Happy Attendance of their chosen Muses.
From the Inner Temple
Faults escaped in the Illustrations
If you meet with others, or Points omitted or amisse inserted, you may amend them.
Nothing given here is relevant to the counties within Cumbria.
Westmorland and Cumberland are in the second part of Poly Olbion, which has no 'Illustrations'. The comment on these is included for its general interest.
The first part offers an index, of sorts:-
A TABLE TO THE CHIEFEST PASSAGES, in the Illustrations, whch, worthiest of observation, or inserted by digression, are not directed unto by the course of the volume.
[margin] If the Page satisfie not, inquire in the Margins.
This is for part 1 only and has no relevance for Cumbria.
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