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preface to part 1, 6:-

Sunt quibus in verbis videorq; obscurior, hoc est,
Evandri cum Matre loqui, Faunisq; Numaq;
Nec secus ac si auctor Saliaris Carminis essem.
I have read in Cicero, Agellius, Lucians Lexiphanes, and others, much against that forme; But withall, this later age (wherein so industrious search is among admired Ruins of olde Monuments) hath, in our greatest Latine Critiques Hans Douz, P.Merula, Lipsius and such more, so received that Saturnian Language, that, to Students in Philology, it is now grown familiar; and (as he saith) Verba a Vetustate repetit non solum magnos Assertores habent, sed etiam asserunt Orationi Majestatem aliquam, non sine delectatione. Yet for Antique Termes, to the Learned, I will not justifie it without exception (disliking not that of Phavorin, Vive Moribus praeteritis, loquere verbis praesentibus; and, as Coine. so words, of a publique and knowne stamp, are to bee used) although so much, as that way I offend, is warranted by example of such, of whom to endevor imitation allowes me more then the bare title of Blameles. The purblind Ignorant I salute, with the English of that Monitory Epigram

Reprehension of them, whose Language and best learning is purchast from such Volumes as Rablais reckons in S. Victors Library, or Barbarous Glosses

Quam nihil as Genium, Papiniane, tuum!
or, which are furnisht in our old stsory, only out of the Common Polychronicon, Caxton, Fabian, Stow, Grafton, Lanquet, Cooper, Holingshed (perhaps with gift of understanding) Polydore, and the rest of our later Compilers; or, any adventurous Thersites daring find fault even with the very Graces, in a straine

Cornuna quod vincatq; Tubas ---
I regarde as Metamorphized Lucius his looking out at window; I Slight, Scorne, and Laugh at it. By Paragraph's in the Verses you know what I meddle with in the Illustrations; but so, that with Latitude, the direction admonishes sometimes as well for explaining a Following or Preceding passage, as its owne. Ingenuous Readers, to you I wish your best desires; Grant me too, I pray, this one, that you read mee not, without comparing the Faults escaped; I have collected them for you. Compell'd Absence, endevor'd Dispatch, and want of Revises soone bred them. To the Author, I with (as an old Cosmologicall Poet did long since to himsele.)

To Gentlewome~ & their Loves is consecrated the wooing Language, Allusions to Love-Passions, and sweet Embracements fain'd by
[margin] Quintillian.
[star1] If thou haste no taste on Learning medle no more with what thou understand'st not.
[star2] That the Godlike sort of men, may worthily guerdon his labors.
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