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  Lune, River
  Leck, River

... Christall Lon,
The Flood that names the Towne, from whence the Shire begun,
Her title first to take, ...
... the long-wandring Lon, ...
As shee comes ambling on from Westmerland, where first
Arising from her head, amongst the Mountaines nurst,
By many a pretty spring, that howerly getting strength,
Ariving in her Course in Lancashire at length,
To Lonsdale showes her selfe, and lovingly doth play
With her dear daughter Dale, which her frim Cheeke doth lay
To her cleere mothers Breast, as minsingly she traces,
And oft imbracing her, she soft againe imbraces,
And on her Darling smiles, with every little gale.
When Lac the most lov'd child of this delicious Dale,
And Wemming on the way, present their eithers Spring.
Next them she Henbourne hath, and Robourne, which do bring
Their bounties in one banke, their Mistris to preferre,
That shee with greater state may come to Lancaster,
Of her which takes the name, which likewise to the Shire,
The Soveraigne title lends, and eminency where
[margin - Dale] Lunesdale.
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