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Page 219:-
winding stone stair-case, in one corner, to the leads, and at the angle is a single hexagon watch tower, rising some feet higher, fitted up in the taste of a modern summer-house, with sash windows in gilt frames, a stucco cupola, and on the top a vast gilt eagle, built by Mr. Charteris, the present possessor. He is the second son of the Earl of Wemyss, brother to the Lord Elcho, and grandson to Colonel Charteris, whose name he bears.
From the leads of the tower there is a fine view of the country round, and much wood near the castle. Ingleborough, which I had seen before distinctly at Lancaster to north-east, was completely wrapped in clouds, all but its summit; which might have easily been mistaken for a long black cloud too, fraught with an approaching storm. Now our road began to mount towards the Appennine, the trees growing less, and thinner of leaves, till we came to Ingleton, eighteen miles; it is a pretty village, situate very high, and yet in a valley, at the foot of that huge monster of nature, Ingleborough: two torrents cross it, with great stones rolled along their beds instead of water; and over them are flung two handsome arches. The nipping air, though the afternoon was growing very bright, now taught us we were in Craven; the road was all up and down, though no where very steep: to the left were mountain tops, to the right a wide valley, all inclosed ground, and beyond it high hills again. In approaching Settle, the crags on the left grew nearer to our way, till we ascended Brunton-brow into a chearful valley (though thin of trees) to Giggleswick, a village with a small piece of water by its side, covered with cots: near it a church which belongs also to Settle; and half a mile farther, having passed the Ribble over a bridge, I arrived there; it is a small market town standing directly under a rocky fell; there are not in it above a dozen good-looking houses, the rest are old and low, with little wooden porticos in front. My inn pleased me much (though small) for the neatness and civility of the
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