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Page 111:-
point of pastoral beauty; the rest are in sublimer style.
The leading parts of this picture, are over a rich cultivated foreground, the town of Keswick seen under a hill, divided by grass inclosures, its summits crowned with wood. More to the east, Castle-rigg is sweetly laid out, and over it sweeps in curves the road to Ambleside. Behind that, are seen the range of vast mountains, descending from Helvellyn. On the western side, the chaos of mountains heaped upon mountains, that secrete the vale of Newland, make their appearance, and over them Cawsey-pike presides. Leaving these, the eye meets a well wooded hill, on the margin of the lake, shining in all the beauties of foliage, set off with every advantage of form. Next a noble expanse of water, broken just in the centre by a large island dressed in wood; another, cultivated and fringed with trees, and a third with a hut upon it, stript of its ornamental trees by the unfeeling hand of avarice [1]. On the eastern side, a bold shore, steep and wooded to the water's edge, is perceived, and above these, rise daring rocks in every horrid shape. Also, a strange mixture of wood
[1] This third is Vicar's island, which has since been purchased by a gentleman, who has built a large mansion, and made some other improvements upon it.
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