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Page 190:-
which is the round Trench, called King Arthur's Table) stands Penrith before-mentioned.
  Plumpton Park
Upon the Banks of the little River Peterell, lay Plompton-Park, a very large Piece of Ground, and formerly set apart by the Kings of England for the Keeping of Deer for their own Use and Hunting, with which it was so well stocked once, that King Edward I. is said to have killed 200 Bucks in one Day in hunting in this Forest.
  The Grotto
After the Eden has received the Eimont, it hastens towards the N. and within half a Mile passes by a Grotto of two Rooms dug out of a Rock, called Isis Parlish; which Mr. Camden's Continuator says, was a Place of Strength and Security; but it seems now only to have been a Lurking-Place for Robbers, and its Security to have been its Secrecy, the Entry to it being long and dark, and the Passage, at present, block'd up with Earth. Leaving this Place, the Current washes several inconsiderable Villages and Forts, 'till it comes to the two
  Long Meg and Her Daughters

Salkelds, at the least of which is a Circle of Stones, 77 in Number, each of them 10 Feet high, and before them stands a single one by itself, which is 15 Feet high; this the common People call Long Meg, and the rest her Daughters; and within the Circles are two Heaps of Stones, under which the People suppose there are dead Bodies buried, which Mr. Camden thinks very probably; but he supposes that the great Stones are a Monument to some Victory; but that the Commentator is of Opinion, that the Heap of Stones in the Middle of the Monument are no Part of it; but having been gather'd off the plough'd Lands adjoining, have been thrown together here as in a waste Corner of the Field; and as to the great Stones, he says, they seem to be Monuments erected at the solemn Investiture of some Danish Kings, like Rolrich Stones in Oxfordshire, those of Kongstolen in Denmark, and Mooresteen in Sweden. The Eden leads us next to
  Armathwaite Castle
Armathwaite-Castle, belonging to the Skeltons, and then advances to
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