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Page 176:-
it continu'd 'till the Year 1643, when Henry Lord Clifford, the then Earl of Cumberland, died at York, leaving only a Daughter, and the Times being disturbed, the Honour ceas'd for a Time, 'till King Charles I. was pleased to create his Nephew.
Rupert, Count Palatine of the Rhine, second Son of Frederick, Prince Elector Palatine, and the Princess Elizabeth, his Wife, Duke of Cumberland, and Earl of Holderness. He died unmarried in the Year 1682, and seven Years after
Prince George of Denmark, then Consort to the Princess (afterwards Queen) Anne, was created Duke of Cumberland, Earl of Kendal, and Baron of Ockingham. The present Duke of Cumberland is,
His Royal Highness Prince William, second Son of his Majesty, King George II.
The principal Towns in Cumberland, are, besides the City of Carlisle and the Borough of Cockermouth, Ravenglass, Egremond, Whitehaven, Workington, Keswick, Penrith, Ierbey, Wigtown, Kerkoswald, Alstodmore, Brampton, and Longtown.
Carlisle, the British Chronicle tells us, was first built by a petty King of this County, named Luel, or Lugubal, long before the Romans invaded Britain, and upon that Account had the name of Caer-luel, or Lugubal. In the Time of the Emperor Claudius, when the Roman Legions had extended their Conquest thus far Northward, they altered the Name but very little, calling it Luguballum, or Lugubalia, and fixed their Head Quarters here; whence it is that so many Roman Monuments have been, and still are discover'd in this Neighbourhood, and indeed through the whole County, which affords much Matter of Speculation to the curious Enquirers into Antiquity. This City of Carlisle is 235 Miles computed from London, and 302 measured.
Upon the Departure of the Romans, this City was ruined by the Caledonians, i.e. Scots and Picts, and other barbarous Nations, who spoiling and ravaging it, it lay buried it in its Ruins 'till about the Year of Christ 680, when Egfrid rebuilt it, and encompass'd it with a Stone
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