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Page 149:-

[dissimi]lar: the French bestow on them that of Pic; the Italians and Spaniards, that of Pico
roman fort, Redlands Bank About four miles from Appleby, on the road side, I saw a large Roman camp, with works of defence before each entrance. Its length is about three hundred yards, its breadth about half; and not far from it a small fort. Near the road side, have been found, urns with ashes in them*, in the middle of a round pit lined with clay about a yard in depth, it not being customary for the Romans to inter near the sides of the public ways. Not far from it was a pit of a like form, containing ashes and bones, without any urns; so probably was the burial-place of some common people, as the other was of persons of better rank. A CAMP.
Kirkby Thore
At a small distance to the right is the village of Kirkby-Thore. The addition is attributed to the supposition of a temple, dedicated to the Saxon THOR, having stood on the spot. This Deity was represented as a regal figure with crown and sceptre, and a Glory of twelve stars around his head. He was the Chief of the heavenly power, the Jupiter Tanarus of our German ancestors, the Prince of the Air, the Director of Thunder, Lightning and Tempests; the Dispenser of Fair Weather, and consequent Plenty:- to KIRKBY-THORE.
* Burn, 1, 351.

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