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Page 117:-

wood adjoining to this place, and again near Clapham. - The oddity of the plant has increased the passion of Botanists for the possession, which has rendered it still more difficult to be met with*.
I slept at Ingleton.
Thornton-in-Lonsdale Next day I went down by Thornton-church, crossed two bridges over two torrents; the roads good, and the country more wooded and pleasant. At the third stone from Ingleton near a little village called Messingil, I quitted the County of York, and entered that of
River Lune
Devil's Bridge
and, after a ride of about three miles, reached the Lune, a river which rises under Green Belt Fell, and, after running for a considerable track almost due west, suddenly turns to the south, and preserves that course till it enters Lancashire, a little below this, from whence it tends south-west till it falls into the sea below Lancaster. Here I crossed the river over a lofty bridge of three beautiful elliptical arches, founded on the rocky bottom of the channel. the banks of which are steep and prettily fringed with trees. Below the bridge was formerly a whirlpool, formed by a
* Described by Haller, 11, p.157. No.1300. tab.43.

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