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Page 116:-
lake, and thence return to the Grange for refreshment. At this place there are two public-houses; but not being often visited by strangers, they are not well fitted up for their entertainment.
Those who wish to penetrate the hidden recesses of the mountains may go the whole length of the lake, and afterwards pass the chapel, which is a small building closely embowered with yews and sycamores, its walls exhibiting some neat monumental inscriptions; particularly one to the memory of one of its ministers, who died in 1799, having served the cure upwards of fifty years. Here the mountains seem to forbid all further progress; but turning the end of the hill the party will soon arrive at Mardale Green; from whence they may either return the same way, or pass over the mountains to Long Sleddale or to Kentmere.

Kendal to Shap

High Borrow Bridge
2Foot of Hawes Water22
  Spa Well
Four miles before reaching Shap, a road turns off to Shap Wells, at the distance of a mile. This is stated by Mr. Alderson, to be a most genial and sanative saline spring; milder than the Harrowgate Purgative Spaw, more active than the Gilsland Water, and in its properties nearly allied to that of Leamington. A spacious Hotel has lately been erected near the place, with Baths and every accommodation for visitors.
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