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Page 96:-
A mile west of the Abbey, from the top of Hawcoat, there is a prospect, over a richly cultivated country and a part of the sea, to a most extensive range of distant mountains: and from the more lofty station of Birkrigg, the view of Furness and the surrounding coast is singularly beautiful. Two miles from Ulverston is Conishead, generally called the Priory, a place highly extolled by Mr. West, who says, 'it is a great omission in the curious traveller, to be in Furness and not to see so wonderfully pretty a place.' The mansion has been several years in rebuilding, and when finished will be a splendid residence. Ulverston is upon the slaty rock, Dalton upon mountain limestone, and the valley in which Furness Abbey is placed is flanked by red sandstone, from which the Abbey has been built. Iron ore is procured in large quantities from veins in the limestone; good specimens of red hematite may here be obtained, with specular iron ore, and quartz crystals.
On leaving Ulverston for the lakes, the road generally preferred leads by Lowick Chapel, where there is a good view of Coniston Lake, with the mountains at its head, and Helvellyn in the distance; and after crossing Lowick Bridge, it proceeds up the eastern side of the lake to Waterhead Inn, distant from Ulverston 14 miles.
At Coniston, besides the views of the lake from its banks, and from its bosom in a boat, the lovers of landscape beauties may find some pretty walks in
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