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Page 80:-

Some of the most remarkable Crags are - the Pillar in Ennerdale; Honister Crag near Buttermere; Scawfell Crags, between Wasdale head and Eskdale; Broad Crag on the Wasdale side, and Broad Crag on the Eskdale side of Scawfell Pikes; Paveyark, in Langdale; Rainsbarrow Crag, in Kentmere; Saint Sunday Crag, in Patterdale; Wallow Crag near Keswick, and Wallow Crag near Hawes Water; Wallowbarrow Crag, in the vale of Duddon; Castle Crag in Mardale, Castle Crag, in Borrowdale (said to have been a Roman station), and Castle head near Keswick; Green Crag in Legberthwaite, sometimes called the Enchanted Castle or Castle Rock of St. John's; Gait Crag (Goat Crag) in Borrowdale, Gait Crag and Iron Crag near Shoulthwaite, and Gait Crag in Langdale; Dow Crag (Dove Crag) in Coniston Fells, Dove Crags in Patterdale, and Dow Crag in Eskdale; Bull Crag and Littledale Crag in the vale of Newlands; Eagle Crag in Borrowdale, Eagle Crag in Buttermere, and Eagle Crag in Patterdale; Falcon Crag near Derwent Lake; and a Raven Crag in almost every vale - one of the most conspicuous of which is that overlooking Leathes Water.
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