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Page 44:-
rock to rock, forms a spray, which, with the sun in a favourable direction, exhibits all the colours of the rainbow.
  Stockghyll Force
STOCK GILL FORCE, at Ambleside, falls from a height of 70 feet, which is in better proportion to its adjacent scenery than if it fell 150 feet, as stated by some authors. It is a combination of four falls in one; the water is divided into two streams, and after a moment's rest in the middle of the rock, is finally precipitated into the deep, shaded channel below.
  High Fall, Rydal
  Low Fall, Rydal

RYDAL WATERFALLS.- The upper is a considerable cascade, pouring out its water, first in a contracted stream, down a perpendicular rock; and then, in a broader sheet, dashing into a deep stony channel. The lower, being near the house, forms a beautiful garden scene.
  Dungeon Ghyll Force
DUNGEON GILL is a stream issuing between the two Pikes of Langdale. The water falls about 20 yards into an awful chasm, with overhanging sides of rock, between which, a large block of stone is impended like the key-stone of an arch.
  Skelwith Force
SKELWITH FORCE is not of great height, but it has the most copious supply of water of any cascade among the lakes. From Skelwith Bridge there is a road on the Westmorland side of the river, whence
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