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Page 70:-
dog is seen swimming across the lake. The plates and dishes clatter; and the table is spread by unseen hands. That is the preparation for the ghostly wedding feast of a murdered bride, who comes up from her watery bed in the lake to keep her terrible nuptials. There is really something remarkable, and like witchery, about the house. On a bright moonlight night, the spectator who looks towards it from a distance of two or three miles, sees the light reflected from its windows into the lake; and, when a slight fog gives a reddish hue to the light, the whole might easily be taken for an illumination of a great mansion. And this mansion seems to vanish as you approach,- being no mansion, but a small house lying in a nook, and overshadowed by a hill. The bridge being crossed, another bit of lane leads out upon the high road near the clean little inn, the King's Head, and within view of the vale of St. John.
  Castle Rock
  Lord Clifford
  Southey's grave

One would like to know how often the Bridal of Triermain has been read within that vale. The Castle Rock, in its disenchanted condition, is a prominent object in approaching the vale from Legberthwaite, or by the road just described; and there are lights and gloomy moments in which it looks as like as may be to a scene of witchery,- now engrossing the sunshine when the range to which it belongs is all in shadow; and now perversely gloomy, because there is a single cloud in the sky. The narrow vale is full of character and charm, from end to end; and at its northern extremity it comes out upon a spot of strong historical interest. The village of Threlkeld will, by its name, remind the traveller of the good Lord Clifford, the story of
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