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vol.2 p.56
the edge of which lies the village of Patterdale.
We took this view at a point, which had just so much elevation, as to give variety to the lines of the lake. As we descended to the water, the view was still grand, and beautiful, but had lost some of it's more picturesque beauties: it had lost the fore-ground: it had lost the sweeping line round the mountain on the left: and it had lost the recess between the two woody promontories on the right. The whole margin of the lake was nearly reduced to one straight line.- The beauty of a view, especially in lake-scenery, we have before observed *, depends greatly on the nice position of it's point.
Having spent some time in examining this very inchanting scene, we skirted the lake towards Patterdale, on a tolerable road, which runs from one end of it to the other: on the south it is continued to Ambleside; on the north to Penrith. I call it a tolerable road; but I mean only for horses. It has not the
2.56.*   See page 96. Vol. 1.
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