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vol.2 p.55
which is the point of a mountain, called Martindale-fell, or Place-fell: the southern boundary of the lake. This promontory uniting with the mountain, lets it easily down into the water, as by a step. An hesitation, if I may so call it, of this kind, eases greatly the heaviness of a line. In a distance, it is of less consequence: but in all the nearer grounds, it is necessary. ...
Martindale-fell is entirely unplanted; but it's line, and surface are both well varied. Numberless breaks (little vallies, and knolls) give it a lightness, without injuring it's simplicity.
Such was the disposition of the objects, on the left of the lake: on the right, two woody promontories, pursuing each other in perspective, made a beautiful contrast with the smooth continuity of Martindale-fell.
In front, the distance was composed of mountains, falling gently into the lake; near
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