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Gentleman's Magazine 1846 part 2 pp.632-633

  knight templar

Knight Templar, Brougham

page 632:-
Mr. W. Brougham gave an account of the discovery of the supposed remains of a knight-templar, during the late repairs of Brougham church, Westmoreland. The sword (of which a drawing was shown) was in a perfect state; but Mr. Brougham stated that only one spur had been found; a circumstance which may possibly be attributed to the difficulty of adjusting the legs, which were, as usual, crossed, to the dimensions of the wooden coffin in which the body had been originally inclosed. It was remarkable that a fragment of glass of undoubted Phoenician fabric was found with these remains. The general opinion seemed to be, that it had been worn by the deceased as a talisman; and it, in some degree, corrobo-
page 633:-
[corrobo]rated a tradition which, according to Mr. Brougham, had always associated the interment in question with an ancestor of the family, said to have joined one of the Crusades during the twelfth century
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