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Gentleman's Magazine 1829 part 2 p.117
of Hawkshead, Lancashire: one from the monument of William and Margaret Sandys, parents of the celebrated Edwyn Sandys, who in 1565, being then Bishop of Carlisle, was one of those appointed to translate the Bible, was Bishop of London in 1570, and Archbishop of York in 1576, and founded the Free Grammar School here in 1585. The other is from a monument erected to the memory of five of the infant children of Myles Sandys, son and heir of Samuel Sandys of Graithwaite. This Myles was deputy Lieutenant for the county of Lancaster in 1700, and High Sheriff in 1708; he lies interred in the Sandys' choir. William, mentioned in the former epitaph, was nephew of Thomas Rawlinson, Abbot of Furness, and married Margaret daughter of John Dixon of Wooderslacke, co. Westmorland. They lie also in the Sandys' choir, under a table monument, upon which are represented, in alto relievo, their effigies, in full proportion, with their hands raised in a praying posture. At the head, and on the side, are the Sandys' arms, between the letters E.S. (the initials, I suppose, of the Archbishop), with a crescent of distinction. The epitaph runs round the verge of the tomb, and is in some parts much contracted. Over the choir door, on the outside, are the Sandys' arms, between the same initials, and underneath the date 1578.
I shall feel much obliged to any of your readers who will transmit you a correct copy of the epitaph of Miles Magrath, first protestant Archbishop of Cashel in Ireland, who was buried in that city. His epitaph, I understand, was privately erased about twenty-six years ago, by some person to whom it seemed to give offence.

"Conditur hoc tumulo Gulielmus Sandus, et uxor
Cui Margaretae nomen et omen erat:
Armiger ille fuit percharus regibus olim:
Illa sed exemplar religionis erat.
Conjugii fuerant aequali sorte beati,
Foelices opibus, stemmate, prole, fide:
(Pignora divini fuerant haec magna favoris;
Haec tamen Edwini cuncta retundit honos:
Qui doctor, rectorque scholae, censor quoque, praesul
Ter fuerat, merito Phoebus in orbe sacro),
Quos amor et pietas lecto conjunxit eodem.
Hoc sub spe vitae continet iste lapis."
"Hoc monumentum Mylo Sandys armiger, filius natu maximus Samuelis Sandys de Grathuethia generosi, ab antiqua nobilitatis familia oriundi, erexit in perpetuam pulchrae suae sobolis memoriam in ipso vere juventae mortem obeuntis, viz. Samuelis, Bathshebae, Elizabetae, Catherinae, et Mylonis, morti succumbentis decimo nono die Februarii, Anno Domini 1698, aetatis suae nono."

"Threnodia, in mortis victoriam.
Mors fera terribili vulta pia corda virorum
Concutit; heu! nulli parcit avara manus.
Falce metit, velutense ferox bellator in armis,
Nunc validos juvenes, mox miserosque senes.
Quaque ruit, furibunda ruit: non sanguinis ordo,
Nec virtutis honos fata movere valet.
Nullaqueat differre diem medicina statutum:
Si mors dura jubet, nescit habere ducem."
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