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Gentleman's Magazine 1823 part 2 p.515

  Shap Abbey
Shap Abbey

Rosegill, Nov. 20.
HAVING been led into some enquiries respecting the Abbey of Shap, in Westmoreland, I have collected the following account of its establishment and dissolution, which is at your service.
The Abbey of Shap was transferred hither from Preston-Patrick, in the parish of Burton, near Kendal, probably for the sake of the situation, which is in a retired vale on the margin of the River Lowther, and about a mile West from Shap. It was founded by Thomas, son of Cospatrick. The following is an extract from its grant, which is without date, but is supposed to have been made about the year 1119, and 20th of Hen. I. - 'To all sons of our holy mother the Church, as well present as to come, who shall see or hear this present writing, Thomas, son of Cospatrick, sendeth greeting. Know ye, that I have given and granted, and by this my present charter have confirmed, to God and St. Mary Magdalene, and the Canons of Preston, who are of the order of Premonstratenses, in free, pure, and perpetual alms, for the health of the soul of myself, my wife, and all my ancestors, one portion of my land in Preston in Kendal, to make a mansion of Canons, to wit, my whole demesne park below Lackslost,' &c. proceeding to specify the boundaries of other lands and privileges granted.
A few years afterwards this Thomas, son of Cospatrick, removed the Monastery to Shap, and 'granted to God and the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, of the Vale of Magdalene, and the Canons of the order of Premonstratenses, serving God there, all that his land, which was Karl, (that is out lands held by his ceorles or farmers) by these bounds, from the Ford of Carlwath, ascending by the river on the South as far as Langeshaw-beck, and so ascending by Langeshaw-beck to the road which comes from Kendal, and so following that road Northwards till it come to Stanirase, nigh Rafland;
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