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Gentleman's Magazine 1805 p.1121
(Continued from p.1012).
KESWICK is a small mean market town, situated 25 miles N.W. of Kendal, and subsisting on a manufacture of linsey and woollen yarn: the Lake, three miles in extent, and of a shape irregularly circular, derives its principle nourishment from the rivers of Derwent and Lodore; it is profusely sprinkled with islands arrayed in rich liveries of green. On the most considerable of this little archipelago stands a tasteless mansion, the residence of a gentleman whose splendid regattas have acquired him an extensive celebrity in the county. Of the water scenery, if we consider it abstractly, much cannot be said; but the elevation of its side and front screens is without parallel in grandeur. The tour of the Lake, affording a most interesting walk of nine miles, presents every variety of which the gradual change of situation, and the unceasing interposition of new objects, are anywhere susceptible. It is a secret among the best-informed guides, and one of admirable importance, to keep as nearly as possible to the margin of the water for the purpose of a view; for, in proportion as we receded, we diminish the extent of the foreground; points of great elevation, as they render the objects beneath them scanty and diminutive, are for a similar reason not generally preferred. This lake and its environs demand more than any an attention to these rules; for it must be evident to the meanest observer, that Nature has
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