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Gentleman's Magazine vol.25 p.6, 1755:-
intermission, as the ground is in fine order from the dryness and warmness of the season, which is besides remarkably healthy in these parts.
During the lightnings mentioned in your last Mag. (See Vol. xxiv. p.571) 3 men were walking thro' St John's vale, over which the clouds, being pent in betwixt the high mountains, hung pretty low, and the lightnings were very frequent. The vale is about 500 yards wide, and two miles long, and after they had walked about a mile, one of them complained suddenly of uncommon oppression in his lungs, and presently afterwards dropt down dead. After some uneffectual attempts to recover and remove him, the survivors being alarmed by the approach of night, and the encrease of the tempest, went on as fast as they could. Soon after one of these made the same complaint, and almost instantly fell down dead, as the other had done: The third was now struck with astonishment and terror, and solicitude for himself suppressed for the present his concern for others; he immediately began to run, and expected every step to be his last, as he felt the same oppression on his breast, which every moment increased, however this went off after he had gone about a quarter of a mile, and he ran into to the first house pale, trembling, and exhaused, and as soon as he could speak directed the people to seek and succour his companions, whom they soon found, but all attempts to recover them proved ineffectual. G.S.
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