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Page 166:-
There are two museums, containing many curiosities, and specimens of the mineralogy and geology of the district. Guides, horses, and boats, may be obtained for excursions, and all the accommodations for visitors are good. Population, 2159; market-day, Saturday; inns, Royal Oak and Queen's Head.

Keswick round Derwent Water

Miles.KESWICK TOMiles.
2Barrow House2
1Lowdore Inn3
  Barrow House
Barrow House is the residence of Joseph Pocklington Senhouse, Esq. Behind the house is a cascade, 122 feet in height, in two falls.
  Lodore Falls
Lowdore Inn.- Close to the inn, in the ravine betwixt Gowdar Crag and Shepherd's Crag, is the fall of Lowdore, so whimsically described by Southey. In dry weather, the water almost disappears amongst the jumbled pile of rocks, over which, when full, it rushes with tremendous impetuosity and force.
Grange is a small village, at the entrance of the narrow pass which leads into Borrodale.
Manesty.- Near this place is a medicinal spring; and the retrospective view over its woods into Borrodale, is magnificent, especially if seen under the influence of a setting sun.
Portinscale is a small village, near the foot of Derwent Water. Near it are situated the villas
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