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whinstone. Within the circle, near Long Meg, four of them form a square; and towards the east, west, and north, two stones of greater magnitude are placed at a much wider distance than the rest. On the east the hills terminate in Cross Fell; on the west, Helvellyn, Mell Fell, and Blencathra, are visible above the near ground, which is composed of wild heathy commons.
  Litte Salkeld
The road leads down the common to the village of Little Salkeld, on the banks of the Eden, where Robert Hodgson, Esq., has his residence, seated amongst pleasantly-wooded grounds, interspersed with agreeable walks leading along the banks of the water, and in some places scooped into caves, affording cool retreats.
At the village of Longwathby the tourist will cross the Eden by a good bridge of five arches, built in 1636. The church is parcel of the vicarage of Edenhall, which is a mile and a half further, and three miles and a half from Penrith.
Edenhall is the beautiful mansion of the Musgraves, lately rebuilt of white stone in a style of classic elegance. The rounds around it slope gently towards the river, and are highly adorned with wood variously disposed. In the hall is preserved a very curious and beautifully painted drinking-glass, in an ornamented case: this is the 'Luck of Edenhall.' The church, dedicated to St. Cuthbert, is a singular and beautiful fabric; it has a low tower with machicholated battlements, and contains several marble monuments of the Musgraves;
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