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Page 59:-
a short distance on the Borrowdale road, and then turning up the woods to the left. At the commencement is a superb view of Keswick, the church, and Bassenthwaite. On the top are benches, where you may rest, and look over the soft bosom of the lake full into the gorge of Borrowdale, which is the grandest aspect. To the north is Bassenthwaite Water and the stately Skiddaw.

  River Greta
There is not a more interesting walk than up this river, which presents splendid views of Blencathra as you follow the stream up its course. Downwards there is an attractive picture, the cotton-mill being in front, whilst over a bend of the stream, flanked by woods, are seen the distant mountains of Newlands.

  Castlerigg Stone Circle

'A few rude monuments of mountain stone
Survive: all else is swept away.'
This religious monument is situated on the top of a lone hill, one mile and three quarters on the road from Keswick to Penrith, in the centre of the loftiest mountains in the district, away from the sight and sound of human life. It occupies a circular area three hundred and thirty-six feet in circumference, and one hundred and fourteen feet in diameter, surrounded by thirty-eight granite stones
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