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one hundred yards. Silver coins have been found in the ruins.
Ravenglass, is a small market-town, at the confluence and embouchure of the Mite and Irt, contains nothing to detain the traveller, who may pursue his route to Westwater, or to

The scenery round this place is so varied and interesting, as to make it matter of surprise that it is not oftener visited, especially by those who have leisure. The church is a small structure dedicated to Saint Michael, having within a monumental brass plate, representing the effigy of Sir Hugh Askew, 'late of the seller of Edward VI,' who was knighted at the battle of Musselburgh, in 1547, and died in 1562. The font is remarkable, and is of black marble, of an octagonal shape, having shields, and an inscription in black letter characters.

  Seaton Hall
Whilst at Bootle, the antiquarian may visit the ruins of a priory of Benedictine nuns, called the Nunnery of Lakelay, near Seaton Hall, which was formerly the seat of Sir Henry Askew, to whom the priory was granted in 1542, being then valued at £12 12s. per annum. There are some remains of the conventical church, with lancet-shaped windows.
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