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     BROUGH, a parish and market town in East ward, Westmoreland, 7 miles from Appleby, and 262 from London. It is also called Brough-under-Stainmore, or Town on a Stony Mountain. It stands upon a rivulet, 2 miles from the river Eden; and contains 117 houses and 694 inhabitants. It has a neat church, a little distance from the town, in the hamlet of Church Brough; the pulpit of which is cut out of one entire stone. Near the church, on a hill, are the ruins of an ancient castle, belonging to the earl of Thanet; part of the tower was standing till 1792, when it mostly fell down. On digging near the ruins, an urn, full of Roman silver coins was found, from which it appears to have been built in the time of the Romans. On the left of the castle, the prospect is closed by a range of craggy mountains, over the tops of which shrubs and trees are promiscuously scattered; to the right is an extensive fertile plain; and behind, the lofty promontory of Wildbore Fell lifts its brow, and terminates the prospect. It has a bridge, near which there is a spa-well. Market on Thursday. Fairs, second Thursday in April, Thursday before Whit-Sunday, and Brough-hill fair, held in a field 2 miles from the town, 30 September, where immense numbers of cattle, horses, and all kinds of goods are sold. It is a vicarage, value 8 l. 18 s. 9 d. - Housman's Tour, and Burn's Westmoreland.
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