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Page 105:-

Thence to Gastile, I was drawn in
To an Alehouse, near adjoining
To a Chapel; I drank Stingo,
With a Butcher, and Domingo
Th' * Curate, who to my discerning,
Was not guilty of much Learning.

Thence to † Sedbergh, sometimes Joy-all,
Gamesome, Gladsome, richly Royal,
But those jolly Boys are sunken,
"Now scarce once a Year one drunken;
There I durst not well be merry,
Far from Home old Foxes werry.

Thence to ‡ Killington I passed,
Where an Hill is freely grassed;
There I staid not, tho' half tired,
Higher still my Thoughts aspired:
Taking leave of Mountains many,
To my native Country came I.
I ask'd him, what's a-Clock? He look'd at the Sun:
But want of Latin made him answer - Mum.
Here grows a Bush in artful Mazes round,
Where th'active Organs of my Brain were drown'd.
Here the retir'd Tanner builds him Bowers,
Shrouds him from Summers Heat, and Winters Showers.
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