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Sundials and Scratch Dials
Sunny Hours

Sundials tell the local apparent time, time by the sun.

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Here in The Lakes we are about 3 degrees west of London, so the time is 12 minutes late; and an hour more late in Summer Time. And there is a further small correction due to the Equation of Time; if you want to know about these things then read a book, try Waugh 1973. It is possible to make very accurate sundials, the Gibb's heliochronometer is one such.


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Dalton Castle, castle, Dalton Town with Newton, SD22627393 -- Sundial. (photo 18.6.2011) (BUT31.jpg)
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High Green Hill, building/s, Stapleton, NY53006995 -- Gnomon of a sundial. (photo 1.6.2012) (BWP96.jpg)
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Westnewton School, school, Westnewton, NY13524412 -- Sundial. (photo 16.9.2011) (BVJ15.jpg)
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The Sundial, inn, Broughton, NY07793175 -- Innsign - a sundial; an unsatisfying designer sign. (photo 22.10.2008) (BPT35.jpg)
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..., sundial, Milburn, NY652290 -- (photo 2.6.2010) (BSV59.jpg)
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..., sundial, Milburn, NY652290 -- (photo 2.6.2010) (BSV58.jpg)
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..., sundial, Nateby, NY776059 -- Oblique vertical sundial. (photo 30.6.2008) (BPJ58.jpg)
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Sunny Brow House, building/s, Over Staveley, SD46739844 -- Sundial:- 'MCMLXXXVII' (photo 9.9.2011) (BVI05.jpg)
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Threlkeld CofE Primary School, school, Threlkeld, NY31932543 -- Front entrance and sundial. (photo 18.9.2011) (BVJ80.jpg)


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