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Whilst working on the Lakes Guides project we have looked up all sorts of interesting material to help us understand objects in the text and features on maps. These notes are accessible here.

Our whole project is unashamedly provincial; we must work from the sources that are available to us, here, based in Longsleddale near Kendal. The Armitt Library in Ambleside and the local studies library in Kendal being major resources. It is not always practical to use primary sources in far away London. Besides: there is plenty to do with what we have.

But BEWARE: none of these notes is a definitive essay about the topic. They are our working notes; we would rather share them than hide them away. You must take the researches further, more soundly, before relying upon them.

From the Gazetteer

Many of the entries in the topics menu are Locality Type terms from the Old Cumbria Gazetteer; terms like railway, barn, and so on. Clicking on these gets a menu of the places in the gazetteer, and a page of incidental photographs, where a feature appears in another place's record.

No recording is perfect; if the locality type has not been recorded for the place it will not appear in the relevant index; if something in a photo has not been noticed and recorded as an index keyword it will not appear in the relevant list.


Book lists are provided for some topics. These are books that just happen to be available in my study, or I've happened to see in a library or in a friend's study. You must search out books for yourself, but the sources mentioned might be a useful starting place.

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