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Raw Data
place data Raw data from the Old Cumbria Gazetteer has been downloaded in comma delimited form for places that are shown on Christopher Saxton's map of Westmorland and Cumberland, 1576. The data is suitable for loading into a flat table, as used by dBase, Access, Oracle and other relational table systems. The limitations of such systems make it impossible to provide the full data from the original MODES database which works on more powerful principles.


The fields in the table are:-
  • source the map type abbreviation; eg Saxton 1576
  • source image the web page filename where the part map image, roughly a 10Km square, can be found (the image filename is the same with extension .jpg); eg SAX9NY40.htm
  • source quote how the place is labelled on the map; eg 'Sle[d]dale'
  • source placename a regularised version of the map's placename; eg Sleddale
  • modern placename the definitive placename used in the Old Cumbria Gazetteer; eg Longsleddale
  • civil parish the modern civil parish where the place is; eg:- Longsleddale
  • county the modern county where the place is; eg:- Cumbria
  • country the modern country where the place is; eg:- England
  • coordinates a national grid reference for the place; eg:- NY482056
  • 10Km square a 2 figure grid reference for the place; eg:- NY40
  • gazetteer page the webpage filename for the place as downloaded from the gazetteer; eg:- LK08591.htm
Places are not necessarily in alphabetical order.

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