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Pages iii-iv, preface:-

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GUIDES and Tours to the Lakes have been, and continue to be, offered to the Public in various forms and sizes; but they are chiefly devoted to a single object - the picturesque appearance of the Country - to the exclusion of other important considerations.
It is admitted, that the gratification of the eye is a leading motive with many of those who make the Tour of the Lakes; but it is not so with all. The reflecting mind will feel more satisfaction in having gained some knowledge of the structure, the natural history, and productions, of the region he has visited.
As a resident among the objects he attempts to describe, the Author of this Manual has possessed many opportunities of making observations, which would escape the notice of the transient visitor - the compiler from the works of others - or even of one who undertook a tour for the professed purpose of making a book.
Availing himself of these advantages, and a little experience in surveying, he constructed a Map of the District, divested of many errors which had been copied into former maps, and containing some particulars not to be found in any other. This Map has been accompanied with such descriptions, directions, and remarks, as were judge likely to be serviceable to the Tourist; in conducting him through the most eligible paths for viewing the varied scenery, and at the same time conveying some information on the structure and phenomena of these interesting regions.
The Public have so far appreciated his labours as to enable him to dispose of four editions, every one of which has been carefully revised, and interspersed with additional matter; but the original design has never been departed from - to comprise as much information as possible in a moderate compass, and to supply a book of facts - useful without being either cumbrous or expensive.
The Lakes have been so often and so copiously dilated upon, that a concise description of them is all that has been thought necessary; but the observations upon the different Mountains are extended to some length, as they have been hitherto very inadequately and often very inaccurately described.
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A new species of illustration was introduced into the fourth, and is further improved in this edition - sketches of some of the most remarkable ranges of mountains, as they appear from different stations in the roads or places easy of access. This, it is expected, will be found a more intelligible mode of communicating their names than any verbal description, as well as more easily remembered; and may obviate the necessity of many questions, which are often wished to be put when no one is at hand to answer.
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