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floating island
THE existence of this phenomenon has been doubted by some persons; while others, admitting the fact, have contended that the term Floating Island was improperly applied to this subject, as it never changes its situation - being still attached by its sides to the adjacent earth under water. Its occasional appearance, however, is ascertained beyond a doubt; and Floating Island being the name by which it has always been known, there can be no manifest impropriety in retaining the appellation.
It is situated in the south-east corner of the lake, not far from Lowdore, about 150 yards from the shore, where the depth of the water does not exceed six feet in a mean state of the lake. It has been said to make its appearance once in seven years, but this is quite uncertain; it generally rises after an interval of a few years, and towards the conclusion of a warm summer. Its figure and dimensions are variable; it has sometimes contained about half an acre of ground, at other times only a few perches: but extending in a gradual slope under water, a
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