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Page 134:-
shape of a modern farm house, the only remains of its ancient grandeur being a gateway, with the inscription, 'John Lamplugh, 1595.' Two miles further, turning round the end of a hill to the right, the small lake of Lowes Water comes in view, accompanied by a rich assemblage of mountains. Soon after passing this lake, that of Crummock presents itself in one of its best combinations; and crossing the river Cocker, you shortly arrive at Scale Hill, distance from Calder Bridge rather more than 16 miles.
  Crummock Water by boat
  Scale Force

If Buttermere has not been previously visited, a boat may be taken upon Crummock Lake, which with a walk from the edge of the water to Scale Force, will make a pleasing variety. In the meantime the horses may meet the party at Buttermere, and the return to Keswick be made through Newlands - making this day's journey nearly 30 miles. Those who have seen Buttermere, may save above a mile, by taking the carriage road from Scale Hill; along which there is a pleasant view of the vale of Lorton; and also a fine view of the vale of Keswick in descending the hill from Whinlatter.- Those who think this circuit is too much for two days, may extend it to three, by staying one night at Nether Wasdale, and another at Scale Hill.
To visit Wast Water in a carriage from Keswick, it will be necessary to go by Scale Hill and Ennerdale Bridge or Egremont - stopping two nights at Calder Bridge, and returning the same way, or by Whitehaven.
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