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Page 114:-
From Patterdale, either return the same way to Penrith; or pass by Brothers Water, and over the very steep hill of Kirkstone, to Ambleside, 10 miles. Or otherwise, turn off in Gowbarrow Park, by Dockray and Beckses, to Keswick, 22 miles.
On the road from Wigton towards Keswick, there are some good views over the Solway Frith; and Bassenthwaite Lake (which some say should be first visited) is seen without deviating from the road - one of the richest views of the valley of Bassenthwaite, being from the top of the bank, about four miles after leaving Ireby; there is also a good retrospective view, about five miles before reaching Keswick.

There are various mountain passes by which Hawes Water may be approached by pedestrians; and a way on horseback through Long Sleddale, has been described with a high degree of colouring in some former publications. In planning an excursion, several things are to be taken into consideration; as, what kind of conveyance the roads will admit of, how that conveyance is to be supplied, and at what places refreshment may be obtained. Long Sleddale is a valley possessing all the requisites of meadows, woods, mountains, rocks, and waterfalls; but they are deficient in that harmony of composition which renders some of the more northern vallies so attractive to the tourist.
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