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Page 53:-
Greta for half a mile; when it crosses over a bridge, turning to the right to Greta-Bank, the late residence of Mr.Calvert. Here making an acute angle to the left, it winds along the skirts of Latrigg, by an occupation road formed at a pleasant elevation; where the lake of Derwentwater, the town of Keswick, the beautiful valley, and encircling mountains, are seen to great advantage. Part of the lake of Bassenthwaite also comes in view; but it adds little to the value of the prospect.
Beyond the precincts of Latrigg we have little appearance of a road; but a wall - first on the left hand and afterwards on the right - points out the way. The ascent hitherto has been so gentle, that at the distance of three miles we have reached but one third of the required altitude; but now we begin to encounter a more steep part of the mountain. As we advance in height the objects in the valley appear to be diminished in magnitude and importance, but our prospects are enlarged, by mountains at a greater distance rising into view; among which are those of Coniston, and the hyperbolic summit of the Pike of Stickle in Langdale.
Having reached one half of the altitude, the wall makes a turn to the right, where we leave it - our path lying more directly up the hill - and having combated this steep for about a quarter of a mile further, we find ourselves upon a turfy plain of moderate acclivity; and by degrees obtain a view of the sea, with a portion of Scotland beyond it - the
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