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Page 50:-
The desire of an extensive prospect being the principal motive for ascending a mountain, it is a question frequently asked, 'which is the best time of day for going up Skiddaw?' It is not easy to give a precise answer to this question; the morning is commonly recommended, and generally, the sooner you are there after the sun has fully illumined the mountains the better; whether in an early morning, or on a dispersion of the clouds in any other part of the day.
During a clear cold night, the vapour is copiously precipitated from the higher into the lower parts of the atmosphere; so that very early in the morning, the summits of the mountains, gilded by the sun, appear in great magnificence; and the contrast of light and shade upon their sides is very interesting. But, at such times, a haziness often prevails in the vallies; which, as the air becomes warmed by the sun, again ascends; and at the same time receives an augmentation by the vapour rising from the ground; the tremulous motion of which may sometimes be perceived, as it exudes from the surface of the earth in places exposed to the most direct action of solar rays.
After a succession of dry and hot days the air is seldom favourable for a prospect; but between showers, or when clouds prevail - provided they are above the altitude of the mountains - the view is often extended to a great distance. When the atmosphere is loaded with clouds, the middle of the
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