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Esthwaite Water
Is a small placid lake, nearly two miles in length, and distinguished by a fine swelling peninsula, which reaches far into the water from the western side. It is situated near the ancient little town of Hawkshead, in a beautiful open valley, which is crowned with gentle eminences, and decorated with an agreeable composition of houses, fields, and trees.
  floating island
On a pond called Priest Pot, near the head of this lake, there is a Floating Island 24 yards in length, and 5 or 6 in breadth; supporting several alder and willow trees of considerable size. Differing from one in Derwent lake, which rises occasionally from the bottom, this remains always upon the surface, generally resting against the shore; but when the water is high, it is frequently moved from side to side by a change of wind; and has undoubtedly been thus torn from the bank at some remote period.


Is not large, but well formed; and placed near the confines of a cultivated valley, which, as well as the parish, takes the name of Grasmere. The island, containing about four acres of verdant pasture, forms a striking contrast to the massive wooded islands on some of the neighbouring lakes. It rises boldly from the water, in a fine swelling form; and its smooth green surface, when spotted with grazing cattle, has a beautiful appear-
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