Morden 1695

Abbey Town (Holme Abbey) (Cmd map)
Acton (Cmd map)
Aglionby (Wetheral) (Cmd map)
Aikton (Cmd map)
Ainstable (Cmd map)
Aira Beck (Matterdale) (Wmd map)
Aira Beck (Matterdale) (Cmd map)
Aldby (Dacre) (Cmd map)
Alhallowes (Cmd map)
Allerby (Oughterside and Allerby) (Cmd map)
Allhallows (Cmd map)
Allonby (Cmd map)
All Saints Church (Culgaith) (Wmd map)
All Saints Church (Bolton) (Wmd map)
Alne (Cmd map)
Alne River (Cmd map)
Alonby (Cmd map)
Alston (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Alstonmoor (Cmd map)
Alwarby (Cmd map)
Amble Side (Cmd map)
Ambleside (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Ambleside (Lakes) (Cmd map)
Ambleside to Keswick (Lakes etc) (Wmd map)
Ambleside to Kirkstone Pass (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Ameshaugh, Low (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Anand Castle (Cmd map)
Ancautree (Cmd map)
Annan Castle (Annan) (Cmd map)
Appleby (Cmd map)
Appleby to Bowes (Appleby-in-Westmorland) (Wmd map)
Appleby to Kendal (Westmorland) (Wmd map)
Appleby-in-Westmorland (Wmd map)
Appleby-in-Westmorland (Cmd map)
Arbeia (Cmd map)
Arkholme (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Arladon (Cmd map)
Arlecdon (Arlecdon and Frizington) (Cmd map)
Armanthwate (Cmd map)
Armanthwate Castle (Cmd map)
Armathwaite Castle (Armathwaite) (Cmd map)
Armathwaite Hall (Bassenthwaite) (Cmd map)
Armathwaite Place (Armathwaite) (Cmd map)
Armboth (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
Armeboth (Cmd map)
Armside (Wmd map)
Armside Toure (Wmd map)
Arnside (Skelwith) (Wmd map)
Arnside Tower (Arnside) (Wmd map)
Arthuret (Cmd map)
Arthur's Round Table (Yanwath and Eamont Bridge) (Wmd map)
Arum (Wmd map)
Asby, Great (Asby) (Wmd map)
Asby, Little (Asby) (Wmd map)
Ash Gill (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Ashgillside (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Askerton Castle (Askerton) (Cmd map)
Askham (Wmd map)
Askham (Cmd map)
Askham Bridge (Askham) (Wmd map)
Aspatria (Cmd map)
Aspatrick (Cmd map)
Aughertree (Ireby) (Cmd map)
Ayle (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Ayle Burn (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Bampton, Little (Kirkbampton) (Cmd map)
Bampton Grange (Bampton) (Wmd map)
Bamton Grange (Wmd map)
Bannisdale (Fawcett Forest etc) (Wmd map)
Banton Kirk (Cmd map)
Banton Parva (Cmd map)
Barbon (Wmd map)
Barbon Beck (Barbon) (Wmd map)
Barbon Park (Barbon) (Wmd map)
Barobon (Wmd map)
Baronwood Park (Lazonby) (Cmd map)
Barren Wood Park (Cmd map)
Barton (Wmd map)
Barton (Cmd map)
Barton Park (Barton) (Wmd map)
Barwick Hall (Wmd map)
Bassenthwaite (Cmd map)
Bassenthwaite Lake (Bassenthwaite etc) (Cmd map)
Bassingthwate (Cmd map)
Battle of Sollome Mosse (Cmd map)
Battle of Sollom Moss (Kirkandrews) (Cmd map)
Battle of Solway Moss (Kirkandrews) (Cmd map)
Bawsdale Horse (Wmd map)
Beacon Hill (Crosby Ravensworth etc) (Wmd map)
Beacon Hill (Penrith) (Cmd map)
Beacon Tower (Penrith) (Wmd map)
Beacon Tower (Penrith) (Cmd map)
Beamond (Cmd map)
Beaumont (Cmd map)
Beckermet church (Beckermet) (Cmd map)
Beckermet church (St Bridget Beckermet) (Cmd map)
Beetham (Wmd map)
Beetham Park (Beetham) (Wmd map)
Bekermet (Cmd map)
Belah, River (Kaber etc) (Wmd map)
Below Flu (Wmd map)
Berwick to Carlisle (Carlisle) (Cmd map)
Betone Hill (Wmd map)
Bew Castle (Cmd map)
Bewcastle (Cmd map)
Bewley Castle (Bewley) (Wmd map)
Birdoswald (Waterhead) (Cmd map)
Birk Beck (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Birkbeck (Wmd map)
Birkby (Crosscanonby) (Cmd map)
Birkdale (North Yorkshire) (Wmd map)
Birkdale (Dufton) (Wmd map)
Black Burn (Ousby etc) (Cmd map)
Black Hall (Ulpha) (Cmd map)
Blackhall Park (St Cuthbert Without) (Cmd map)
Blackhow Bridge (Cleator Moor) (Cmd map)
Black Leven River (Cmd map)
Black Lyne (Bewcastle) (Cmd map)
Blaeck Hall (Cmd map)
Blasterfield (Wmd map)
Blasterfield Farm (Crosby Ravensworth) (Wmd map)
Bleaberry Tarn (Buttermere) (Cmd map)
Bleatarn (Warcop) (Wmd map)
Bleaterne (Wmd map)
Blencarn (Culgaith) (Wmd map)
Blencarn (Culgaith) (Cmd map)
Blencoggey (Cmd map)
Blencogo (Bromfield) (Cmd map)
Bleng, River (Nether Wasdale) (Cmd map)
Bleng River (Cmd map)
Blenkarn (Cmd map)
Blenkensop (Cmd map)
Blenkinsopp Hall (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Blennerhasset (Blennerhasset and Torpenhow) (Cmd map)
Blennerhasset (Cmd map)
Blew Craft (Wmd map)
Bluegrass (Stainmore) (Wmd map)
Bolton (Cmd map)
Bolton Chaple (Wmd map)
Bolton church (Bolton) (Wmd map)
Boltongate (Boltons) (Cmd map)
Bootle (Cmd map)
Borrodale (Cmd map)
Borrow Beck (Whinfell etc) (Wmd map)
Borrowbridge, Low (Tebay) (Wmd map)
Borrowdale (Cmd map)
Borwick Hall (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Botcherby (Carlisle) (Cmd map)
Bothel (Bothel and Threapland) (Cmd map)
Bothell (Cmd map)
Boulness (Cmd map)
Boustead Hill (Burgh by Sands) (Cmd map)
Bowes to Appleby (Appleby-in-Westmorland) (Wmd map)
Bowness (Windermere) (Cmd map)
Bowness-on-Solway (Bowness) (Cmd map)
Bowness-on-Windermere (Windermere) (Cmd map)
Bowston Bridge (Bowston) (Wmd map)
Bowtell (Cmd map)
Brackenber (Murton) (Wmd map)
Brackenhill Tower (Arthuret) (Cmd map)
Brackenthwaite (Buttermere) (Cmd map)
Bradsey Hall (Cmd map)
Braithwaite (Above Derwent) (Cmd map)
Braithwaite, Low (Skelton) (Cmd map)
Braken Hill (Cmd map)
Brakenthwate (Cmd map)
Brampton (Long Marton) (Wmd map)
Brampton (Cmd map)
Brampton Beck (Long Marton) (Wmd map)
Brampton to Carlisle (Brampton etc) (Cmd map)
Brampton to Haltwhistle (Upper Denton etc) (Cmd map)
Brandreth (Ulpha etc) (Cmd map)
Brandrith Stone (Tebay) (Wmd map)
Branton (Wmd map)
Brathay, River (Skelwith etc) (Wmd map)
Brathey (Wmd map)
Brathey River (Wmd map)
Brathwate (Cmd map)
Brathwate (Cmd map)
Breckenbur (Wmd map)
Brederdale Foot (Wmd map)
Brederdale Head (Wmd map)
Bretherdale Beck (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Bretherdale Foot (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Bretherdale Head (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Brickdale (Wmd map)
Bride Kirk (Cmd map)
Bridekirk (Cmd map)
Bridgham (Cmd map)
Briggle Beck (Langwathby etc) (Cmd map)
Brigham (Cmd map)
Brigsteer Park (Helsington) (Wmd map)
Brigster Park (Wmd map)
Brisco (St Cuthbert Without) (Cmd map)
Briscoemill Bridge (Egremont) (Cmd map)
Broader Water (Wmd map)
Broad Water (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Brodwater (Cmd map)
Bromfield (Cmd map)
Bronelston (Cmd map)
Brothers Water (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Brough (Wmd map)
Brougham Castle (Brougham) (Wmd map)
Brougham Castle (Brougham) (Cmd map)
Brougham church (Brougham) (Wmd map)
Brougham church (Brougham) (Wmd map)
Brough Castle (Brough) (Wmd map)
Brough Sowerby (Wmd map)
Broughton (Cmd map)
Broughton Castle (Cmd map)
Broughton in Furness (Broughton West) (Cmd map)
Brough-under-Stainmore (Wmd map)
Brounrig (Cmd map)
Browham Chapple (Wmd map)
Brownelson (Dalston) (Cmd map)
Brownrigg (Holme Abbey) (Cmd map)
Brumfield (Cmd map)
Brunstock Beck (Stanwix Rural etc) (Cmd map)
Bucknes (Cmd map)
Buley Castle (Wmd map)
Burbeck (Hoff) (Wmd map)
Burdswold (Cmd map)
Burgh by Sands (Cmd map)
Burgh Castle (Wmd map)
Burgh Sowerby (Wmd map)
Burgh Upon Sand (Cmd map)
Burnes (Cmd map)
Burneside (Strickland Ketel etc) (Wmd map)
Burneside Bridge (Strickland Ketel etc) (Wmd map)
Burnmoor Tarn (Eskdale) (Cmd map)
Burns Farm (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
Burnside (Wmd map)
Burrells (Hoff) (Wmd map)
Burrow Bridg (Wmd map)
Burrow Bridge (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Burrow Flu (Wmd map)
Burton (Warcop) (Wmd map)
Burton (Wmd map)
Burton (Wmd map)
Burton in Lonsdale (North Yorkshire) (Wmd map)
Burton-in-Kendal (Wmd map)
Bustwath Hill (Cmd map)
Buttermere (Cmd map)
Caber (Wmd map)
Caldbeck (Cmd map)
Calder (Cmd map)
Calder, River (Ennerdale and Kinniside etc) (Cmd map)
Calder Abbey (St Bridget Beckermet) (Cmd map)
Calder Bridge (St Bridget Beckermet etc) (Cmd map)
Caldew, River (Dalston etc) (Cmd map)
Caldew Bridge (Carlisle) (Cmd map)
Calgarth Hall (Windermere) (Wmd map)
Calgarth Hall (Windermere) (Cmd map)
Calthwaite (Hesket) (Cmd map)
Cam Beck (Walton etc) (Cmd map)
Cambeck River (Cmd map)
Camerton (Cmd map)
Camp on Speedymoore (Wmd map)
Can Flu (Wmd map)
Cannobye (Cmd map)
Canonbie (Cmd map)
Canonby (Cmd map)
Cardew (Dalston) (Cmd map)
Cardornack (Cmd map)
Cardurnock (Bowness) (Cmd map)
Carleton (Penrith) (Wmd map)
Carleton (St Cuthbert Without) (Cmd map)
Carleton (Penrith) (Cmd map)
Carleton Hall (Drigg and Carleton) (Cmd map)
Carlingill Beck (Tebay etc) (Wmd map)
Carlisle (Cmd map)
Carlisle to Berwick (Carlisle) (Cmd map)
Carlisle to Brampton (Brampton etc) (Cmd map)
Carlisle to Cockermouth (Cockermouth etc) (Cmd map)
Carlisle to Penrith (Penrith etc) (Wmd map)
Carlisle to Penrith (Penrith etc) (Cmd map)
Carlton (Cmd map)
Carlton (Cmd map)
Carlton (Cmd map)
Carmanfell (Wmd map)
Cartmel Fell (Wmd map)
Cartmel Sands (Lower Allithwaite etc) (Wmd map)
Castle Carock (Cmd map)
Castle Carrock (Cmd map)
Castlesteads (Walton) (Cmd map)
Castle Steed (Cmd map)
Castra Exploratorum (Cmd map)
Caswald How (Cmd map)
Catadupara (Heversham) (Wmd map)
Catadupara (Wmd map)
Catterlen (Cmd map)
Cauthwate (Cmd map)
Chapel Beck (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Chappel in ye Ing (Wmd map)
Chappel of ye Grune (Cmd map)
Church Bridge (Grasmere) (Cmd map)
Claife (Wmd map)
Clappersgate (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Clapperyate (Wmd map)
Classe (Wmd map)
Cleator (Cleator Moor) (Cmd map)
Cleborn (Wmd map)
Cliburn (Wmd map)
Clifton (Wmd map)
Clifton (Cmd map)
Clifton, Great (Cmd map)
Cliston (Cmd map)
Clonhead Park (Wmd map)
Clough River (Garsdale) (Wmd map)
Coatflatt Hall (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Cocker, River (Blindbothel etc) (Cmd map)
Cocker Bridge (Cockermouth) (Cmd map)
Cockermouth (Cmd map)
Cockermouth to Carlisle (Cockermouth etc) (Cmd map)
Cockermouth to Egremont (Egremont etc) (Cmd map)
Cockermouth to Keswick (Keswick etc) (Cmd map)
Cockermouth to Whitehaven (Cockermouth etc) (Cmd map)
Cocker River (Cmd map)
Colby (Wmd map)
Colby Beck (Colby) (Wmd map)
Comb Whitton (Cmd map)
Coniston Copper Mines (Coniston) (Wmd map)
Coniston Water (Coniston etc) (Wmd map)
Coniston Water (Coniston etc) (Cmd map)
Copeland (Nether Wasdale) (Cmd map)
Copeland Forest (Nether Wasdale) (Cmd map)
Corby Castle (Great Corby) (Cmd map)
Corney (Waberthwaite) (Cmd map)
Corno (Cmd map)
Corry House (Hayton) (Cmd map)
Cote Hill (Hayton) (Cmd map)
Cottesflat (Wmd map)
Coulby (Wmd map)
Countryside and Bird Museum (Dacre) (Wmd map)
Countryside and Bird Museum (Dacre) (Cmd map)
County Stone (Cumbria etc) (Wmd map)
Coupland Bridge (Coupland) (Wmd map)
Cowan Head Park (Cowan Head) (Wmd map)
Cow Bridge (Hartsop) (Wmd map)
Cowgarth (Cmd map)
Crackenthorpe (Wmd map)
Crake, River (Lowick etc) (Wmd map)
Crakenthorp (Wmd map)
Crofton (Thursby) (Cmd map)
Crofton Bridge (Westward etc) (Cmd map)
Croglin (Ainstable) (Cmd map)
Croglin church (Croglin) (Cmd map)
Crogling Church (Cmd map)
Crogling Church (Cmd map)
Crogling Parva (Cmd map)
Croglin Low Hall (Kirkoswald) (Cmd map)
Croglin Water (Kirkoswald etc) (Cmd map)
Croke (Wmd map)
Crokedake (Cmd map)
Crook (Wmd map)
Crookdake (Bromfield) (Cmd map)
Crook of Lune Bridge (Grayrigg etc) (Wmd map)
Crosby (Crosscanonby) (Cmd map)
Crosby (Cmd map)
Crosby, High (Stanwix Rural) (Cmd map)
Crosby Garret (Wmd map)
Crosby Garrett (Wmd map)
Crosby on Eden (Stanwix Rural) (Cmd map)
Crosbyravenswath (Wmd map)
Crosby Ravensworth (Wmd map)
Crosby-on-Eden (Stanwix Rural) (Cmd map)
Crosscanonby (Cmd map)
Crosscrake (Stainton) (Wmd map)
Cross Dormont (Barton) (Wmd map)
Cross Dormont (Barton) (Cmd map)
Cross Fell (Culgaith) (Wmd map)
Cross Gill (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Crostermond (Cmd map)
Crosthwaite (Crosthwaite and Lyth) (Wmd map)
Crosthwaite, Great (Keswick) (Cmd map)
Crosthwaite, Little (Underskiddaw) (Cmd map)
Crosthwate (Wmd map)
Crosthwate Church (Cmd map)
Croston (Cmd map)
Crowdundle Beck (Culgaith etc) (Wmd map)
Crowdundle Beck (Culgaith etc) (Cmd map)
Culgaith (Cmd map)
Culgaith Chaple (Wmd map)
Culgaith church (Culgaith) (Wmd map)
Culgarth (Cmd map)
Cumcatch (Brampton) (Cmd map)
Cumrew (Cmd map)
Cumwhitton (Cmd map)
Cunswick Hall (Underbarrow and Bradleyfield) (Wmd map)
Cunswick Park (Wmd map)
Dacor Castle (Cmd map)
Dacre Beck (Dacre) (Cmd map)
Dacre Castle (Dacre) (Wmd map)
Dacre Castle (Dacre) (Cmd map)
Dale Garth (Cmd map)
Dalegarth Hall (Eskdale) (Cmd map)
Dalemain (Dacre) (Wmd map)
Dalemain (Dacre) (Cmd map)
Dalston (Cmd map)
Dalston Hall (Dalston) (Cmd map)
Darwen Iland (Cmd map)
Darwent River (Cmd map)
Dean (Cmd map)
Dearham (Cmd map)
Dee, River (Dent etc) (Wmd map)
Deepdale Hall (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Delake (Wmd map)
Delaken (Firbank) (Wmd map)
Denock River (Cmd map)
Dent (Wmd map)
Dent (Cleator Moor) (Cmd map)
Dent Hill (Cmd map)
Denton, Upper (Cmd map)
Denton Hall (Nether Denton) (Cmd map)
Denton Nether (Cmd map)
Denton Over (Cmd map)
Depedale (Wmd map)
Dereham (Cmd map)
Derwent, River (Broughton etc) (Wmd map)
Derwent, River (Broughton etc) (Cmd map)
Derwent Foot (Underskiddaw) (Cmd map)
Derwentfoot Haven (Cmd map)
Derwent Island (Keswick) (Cmd map)
Derwent Isle (Keswick) (Cmd map)
Derwent River (Cmd map)
Derwent Water (Keswick etc) (Cmd map)
Devil's Bridge (Kirkby Lonsdale) (Wmd map)
Devoke Water (Eskdale) (Cmd map)
Devonby (Cmd map)
Distington (Cmd map)
Dornock (Cmd map)
Douthwate (Cmd map)
Dovedale Beck (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Dovenby (Bridekirk) (Cmd map)
Dowthwaitehead (Matterdale) (Cmd map)
Drigg (Drigg and Carleton) (Cmd map)
Driveners (Wmd map)
Drumbugh Castle (Cmd map)
Drumburgh Castle (Bowness) (Cmd map)
Dryevers (Crosby Ravensworth) (Wmd map)
Dubmill (Cmd map)
Dubmill (Holme St Cuthbert) (Cmd map)
Duddon, River (Ulpha etc) (Cmd map)
Duddon Bridge (Cmd map)
Duddon Estuary (Cumbria) (Cmd map)
Duddon River (Cmd map)
Dufton (Wmd map)
Dufton Fell (Dufton) (Wmd map)
Dufton Pike (Dufton) (Wmd map)
Dunbalrase Stones (Cmd map)
Dun Fell (Wmd map)
Dun Fell (Wmd map)
Dun Fell, Great (Milburn) (Wmd map)
Dun Fell, Little (Milburn) (Wmd map)
Dunmail Raise Stones (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Wmd map)
Dunmail Raise Stones (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
Dunmallard Hill (Dacre) (Wmd map)
Durno Kirk (Cmd map)
Eaglescar (Wmd map)
Eaglesfield (Dean) (Cmd map)
Eamont, River (Barton etc) (Wmd map)
Eamont, River (Barton etc) (Cmd map)
Eamont Bridge (Yanwath and Eamont Bridge) (Wmd map)
Eamont Bridge bridge (Yanwath and Eamont Bridge etc) (Wmd map)
Eamont Bridge bridge (Yanwath and Eamont Bridge etc) (Cmd map)
Easedale Beck (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Easedale Tarn (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Eden, River (Bowness etc) (Wmd map)
Eden, River (Bowness etc) (Cmd map)
Eden Bridge (Carlisle) (Cmd map)
Edenhall (Langwathby) (Wmd map)
Edenhall (Langwathby) (Cmd map)
Eden River (Cmd map)
Eden River (Cmd map)
Ednel (Cmd map)
Eglesfield (Cmd map)
Egremont (Cmd map)
Egremont to Cockermouth (Egremont etc) (Cmd map)
Egremont to Whitehaven (Egremont etc) (Cmd map)
Ehen, River (Ennerdale and Kinniside etc) (Cmd map)
Eimo River (Cmd map)
Ellen, River (Blennerhasset and Torpenhow etc) (Cmd map)
Ellenborough (Maryport) (Cmd map)
Ellonby (Skelton) (Cmd map)
Elnborough (Cmd map)
Elne River (Cmd map)
Embleton (Cmd map)
Emot (Wmd map)
Emsaugh (Cmd map)
Enerdale (Cmd map)
Ennerdale Bridge (Ennerdale and Kinniside) (Cmd map)
Ennerdale Water (Ennerdale and Kinniside) (Cmd map)
Esgill (Cmd map)
Eshdale Ward (Cmd map)
Esk, River (Kirkandrews etc) (Cmd map)
Esk, River (Eskdale etc) (Cmd map)
Eskdale (Cmd map)
Eskdale Green (Eskdale) (Cmd map)
Eskdale Ward (Cumberland) (Cmd map)
Esk River (Cmd map)
Esk River (Cmd map)
Esthwaite Water (Hawkshead) (Wmd map)
Esthwaite Water (Hawkshead) (Cmd map)
Ewanrigg Hall (Maryport) (Cmd map)
Ewbarrow Hall (Wmd map)
Fairthwaite Park (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Farlam (Cmd map)
Farleton (Beetham) (Wmd map)
Farleton Knothill (Wmd map)
Farleton Knott (Beetham) (Wmd map)
Farlton (Wmd map)
Fawcett Forest (Wmd map)
Fawsetwood (Wmd map)
Featherstone (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Fedington (Cmd map)
Fell Pony Museum (Dacre) (Wmd map)
Fell Pony Museum (Dacre) (Cmd map)
Ferlam (Cmd map)
Fetherstone Haugh (Cmd map)
Fingland (Bowness) (Cmd map)
Firbank (Wmd map)
Flimby (Maryport) (Cmd map)
Flitholme (Musgrave) (Wmd map)
Flitsholm (Wmd map)
Forest Bridge (Nether Wasdale etc) (Cmd map)
Fornside (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
Fourness Fels (Cmd map)
Furness Fells (Colton) (Wmd map)
Furness Fells (Colton) (Cmd map)
Gallatum (Wmd map)
Gamblesby (Glassonby) (Cmd map)
Gamelsby (Aikton) (Cmd map)
Gamlesby (Cmd map)
Gamlesby (Cmd map)
Garill (Cmd map)
Garrigill (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Garsdale (Wmd map)
Garstall (Wmd map)
Gathorn Hall (Wmd map)
Gaythorne Hall (Asby) (Wmd map)
Gefferyes Mount (Wmd map)
Gelt, River (Brampton etc) (Cmd map)
Gelt River (Cmd map)
Gilcross (Cmd map)
Gilcrux (Cmd map)
Gilderdale Burn (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Gillcambon Beck (Mungrisdale etc) (Cmd map)
Gilse (Wmd map)
Gilts (Crosby Ravensworth) (Wmd map)
Glason (Cmd map)
Glassenby (Cmd map)
Glasson (Bowness) (Cmd map)
Glassonby (Cmd map)
Glencoyne Beck (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Glencoyne Beck (Patterdale) (Cmd map)
Glencoyne Bridge (Matterdale) (Wmd map)
Glenkroden River (Cmd map)
Glenkwen River (Cmd map)
Glenridding Beck (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Glenridding Beck (Patterdale) (Cmd map)
Glenridding Bridge (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Goldrill Beck (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Goldrill Beck (Patterdale) (Cmd map)
Gosforth (Cmd map)
Gowan, River (Hugill) (Wmd map)
Gowbarrow Park (Matterdale) (Wmd map)
Gowbarrow Park (Matterdale) (Cmd map)
Grange (Borrowdale) (Cmd map)
Graridg Hall (Wmd map)
Grasmere (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Grasmere (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Grasmere (Lakes) (Cmd map)
Grasmere (Lakes) (Cmd map)
Grayrigg Hall (Grayrigg) (Wmd map)
Grayrigg Hall Beck (Grayrigg) (Wmd map)
Graystock Castle (Cmd map)
Great Asby (Asby) (Wmd map)
Great Ashby (Wmd map)
Great Clifton (Cmd map)
Great Crosthwaite (Keswick) (Cmd map)
Great Dun Fell (Milburn) (Wmd map)
Great Langdale (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Great Langdale (Lakes) (Cmd map)
Great Langdale Beck (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Great Musgrave (Musgrave) (Wmd map)
Great Ormside (Ormside) (Wmd map)
Great Orton (Orton N) (Cmd map)
Great Salkeld (Cmd map)
Great Strickland (Wmd map)
Green Castle (Milburn) (Wmd map)
Greenholme (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Greenthwaite Hall (Greystoke) (Cmd map)
Gresmere (Cmd map)
Greta, River (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Greta, River (Keswick etc) (Cmd map)
Greta Bridge (Keswick) (Cmd map)
Gretna (Cmd map)
Gretney Kirk (Cmd map)
Greystoke Castle (Greystoke) (Cmd map)
Greystoke Park (Greystoke) (Cmd map)
Grinsdale (Beaumont) (Cmd map)
Grinsdall (Cmd map)
Grisdall Chapel (Cmd map)
Grisdall Chapel (Cmd map)
Grisedale Beck (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Grisedale Beck (Patterdale) (Cmd map)
Grisedale Bridge (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Grisedale Tarn (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Grisedale Tarn (Patterdale) (Cmd map)
Groenholm (Wmd map)
Grune chapel (Silloth-on-Solway) (Cmd map)
Haberwen (Wmd map)
Hackthorp (Wmd map)
Hackthorpe (Lowther) (Wmd map)
Hadrian's Wall (Bowness etc) (Cmd map)
Haile (Cmd map)
Haithwaite (Nicholforest) (Cmd map)
Hale (Haile) (Cmd map)
Haltwhistle to Brampton (Upper Denton etc) (Cmd map)
Harberwain (Crosby Ravensworth) (Wmd map)
Harby Brow (Cmd map)
Harbybrow (Allhallows) (Cmd map)
Hardendale (Shap Rural) (Wmd map)
Hard Knot Hill (Cmd map)
Hard Knott (Eskdale etc) (Cmd map)
Hardrigg Hall (Skelton) (Cmd map)
Harelaw (Cmd map)
Hareridg Hall (Cmd map)
Haresceugh (Kirkoswald) (Cmd map)
Harington (Carlisle) (Cmd map)
Harper Hill (Cmd map)
Harperhill (Stapleton) (Cmd map)
Harrington (Workington) (Cmd map)
Harrington (Cmd map)
Hartley Born River (Cmd map)
Hartley Burn (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Hartley Castle (Hartley) (Wmd map)
Hartshop Hall (Wmd map)
Hartsop Hall (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Hathewate (Cmd map)
Haughton (Cmd map)
Haukin Hale (Wmd map)
Hawes Water (Bampton etc) (Wmd map)
Haweswater Beck (Shap Rural etc) (Wmd map)
Haweswater Reservoir (Bampton etc) (Wmd map)
Hawking Hall (Middleton) (Wmd map)
Hawkshead (Wmd map)
Hawkshead (Cmd map)
Hawse House (Grayrigg) (Wmd map)
Hawse House (Wmd map)
Hawswater (Wmd map)
Haw Towne (Wmd map)
Haye Castle (Cmd map)
Hayes Castle (Lowca) (Cmd map)
Hayeswater (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Hayeswater Gill (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Hayton (Cmd map)
Hayton Castle (Hayton and Mealo) (Cmd map)
Hazelrigg Beck (Glassonby) (Cmd map)
Heggerscale (Wmd map)
Heggerscales (Kaber) (Wmd map)
Height of Patton (Patton) (Wmd map)
Helbeck (Wmd map)
Helbeck Fell (Helbeck) (Wmd map)
Helbeckfell (Wmd map)
Helm Beck (Ormside) (Wmd map)
Helsington Laithes (Kendal) (Wmd map)
Helston Lea (Wmd map)
Helton (Askham) (Wmd map)
Helton (Askham) (Cmd map)
Heltondale (Askham) (Wmd map)
Heltondale Beck (Askham etc) (Wmd map)
Heltondale Beck (Askham etc) (Cmd map)
Helvellyn (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn etc) (Wmd map)
Helvillin Hill (Wmd map)
Heron Island (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Heron Island (Lakes) (Cmd map)
Hesket (Cmd map)
Hesket, High (Hesket) (Cmd map)
Hesket Newmarket (Caldbeck) (Cmd map)
Heskett (Cmd map)
Heskew (Cmd map)
Hestdash (Cmd map)
Hest Holm (Keswick) (Cmd map)
Hewthwaite Hall (Setmurthy) (Cmd map)
High Bridge (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
High Crosby (Stanwix Rural) (Cmd map)
High Cup Gill (Murton etc) (Wmd map)
High Cup Nick (Murton) (Wmd map)
Highgate Castle (Cmd map)
High Head Castle (Skelton) (Cmd map)
High Hesket (Hesket) (Cmd map)
High Lorton (Lorton) (Cmd map)
High Mossthorn (Stapleton) (Cmd map)
Highstead Ash (Kingwater) (Cmd map)
Hikeup (Wmd map)
Hilton (Murton) (Wmd map)
Hilton Beck (Murton) (Wmd map)
Hoff (Wmd map)
Hoff, Nether (Colby) (Wmd map)
Hoff Beck (Hoff) (Wmd map)
Hoff Beck (Hoff) (Cmd map)
Hollow Mill Cross (Nateby) (Wmd map)
Holm Cultrum (Cmd map)
Holm Cultrum (Cmd map)
Holme (Wmd map)
Holme Coultram Abbey (Abbey Town) (Cmd map)
Holme Park (Holme) (Wmd map)
Hoomill Cross (Wmd map)
Hornby (Cmd map)
Hornby Castle (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Hornbye Castle (Wmd map)
Hornby Hall (Brougham) (Wmd map)
Hornby Hall (Brougham) (Cmd map)
Horse Hause (Wmd map)
Horse House (Fawcett Forest) (Wmd map)
Houghton (Stanwix Rural) (Cmd map)
Houses, The (Cmd map)
Howegrain Beck (Martindale) (Cmd map)
Howe Slacks (Asby) (Wmd map)
Howgill (Sedbergh) (Wmd map)
Howgill Castle (Milburn) (Wmd map)
Howgill Castle (Milburn) (Cmd map)
How Hall Farm (Ennerdale and Kinniside) (Cmd map)
Howslack (Wmd map)
Howtown (Martindale) (Wmd map)
Huddlesceugh Hall (Kirkoswald) (Cmd map)
Huddleskew (Cmd map)
Hugh Seat (Mallerstang) (Wmd map)
Hughs Head (Wmd map)
Huthwaite (Cmd map)
Hutton (Cmd map)
Hutton John (Hutton) (Cmd map)
Hutton Roof (Wmd map)
Hutton-in-the-Forest (Skelton) (Cmd map)
Ierby (Cmd map)
Inglewood Forest (Cumbria) (Cmd map)
Ings (Hugill) (Wmd map)
Ioder River (Cmd map)
Ireby (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Ireby (Cmd map)
Ireby Park (Ireby) (Cmd map)
Irt, River (Irton with Santon etc) (Cmd map)
Irthing, River (Kingwater) (Cmd map)
Irthing River (Cmd map)
Irthington (Cmd map)
Irton (Irton with Santon) (Cmd map)
Irt River (Cmd map)
Isel (Blindcrake) (Cmd map)
Isel Park (Blindcrake) (Cmd map)
Isle (Cmd map)
Itenfield (Cmd map)
Itonfield (Hesket) (Cmd map)
Itunae Flu (Cmd map)
Jeffrey's Mount (Tebay) (Wmd map)
Johnby (Greystoke) (Cmd map)
Kaber (Wmd map)
Keekle, River (Weddicar etc) (Cmd map)
Kellath (Wmd map)
Kelleth (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Kendal (Wmd map)
Kendal Castle (Kendal) (Wmd map)
Kendale Castle (Wmd map)
Kendall (Wmd map)
Kendal to Appleby (Westmorland) (Wmd map)
Kendal to Lancaster (Lancaster) (Wmd map)
Kendal to Shap (Kendal etc) (Wmd map)
Kent, River (Lower Allithwaite etc) (Wmd map)
Kent, River (Kentmere etc) (Wmd map)
Kent Estuary (Lower Allithwaite etc) (Wmd map)
Kentmere (Wmd map)
Kentmere (Wmd map)
Kentmere Tarn (Kentmere) (Wmd map)
Kershope Burn (Bewcastle) (Cmd map)
Kershopefoot (Nicholforest) (Cmd map)
Keskadale Beck (Above Derwent) (Cmd map)
Keswick (Cmd map)
Keswick Smelting House (Brigham) (Cmd map)
Keswick to Ambleside (Lakes etc) (Wmd map)
Keswick to Cockermouth (Keswick etc) (Cmd map)
Killington (Wmd map)
Killinton (Wmd map)
King Arthur round Table (Wmd map)
King Arthur's Round Table (Yanwath and Eamont Bridge) (Wmd map)
Kingfield (Nicholforest) (Cmd map)
Kings Field (Cmd map)
King's Meaburn (Wmd map)
Kinmont (Cmd map)
Kinmont (Cmd map)
Kirbeck River (Cmd map)
Kirby Thure (Wmd map)
Kirk Ander (Cmd map)
Kirkanders (Cmd map)
Kirkandrews (Cmd map)
Kirkandrews upon Eden (Beaumont) (Cmd map)
Kirkbampton (Cmd map)
Kirk Beck (St John Beckermet) (Cmd map)
Kirk Beck (Askerton) (Cmd map)
Kirkbride (Cmd map)
Kirkby (Cmd map)
Kirkby Bridge (Cmd map)
Kirkby Lonsdale (Wmd map)
Kirkby Lonsdale Bridge (Kirkby Lonsdale) (Wmd map)
Kirkby Stephen (Wmd map)
Kirkby Steven (Wmd map)
Kirkby Thore (Wmd map)
Kirk Cambeck (Cmd map)
Kirkcambeck (Askerton) (Cmd map)
Kirk Haugh (Cmd map)
Kirkhaugh (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Kirkland (Culgaith) (Wmd map)
Kirk Levinton (Cmd map)
Kirklinton (Kirklinton Middle) (Cmd map)
Kirk Oswald (Cmd map)
Kirkoswald (Cmd map)
Kirksop Foot (Cmd map)
Kirksop River (Cmd map)
Kirksop River (Cmd map)
Kirkstone Pass to Ambleside (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Kirkstone to Patterdale (Lakes etc) (Wmd map)
Knarsdale (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Knipe (Wmd map)
Knipe Hall (Knipe) (Wmd map)
Knock (Long Marton) (Wmd map)
Knock Pike (Long Marton) (Wmd map)
Laith (Cmd map)
Laithes (Skelton) (Cmd map)
Lamb Bridge (Matterdale etc) (Cmd map)
Lambley (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Lambrigg Park (Lambrigg) (Wmd map)
Lamley (Cmd map)
Lamonby (Skelton) (Cmd map)
Lampley (Cmd map)
Lamplugh (Cmd map)
Lamridg (Wmd map)
Lancaster to Kendal (Lancaster) (Wmd map)
Lanercost (Cmd map)
Lanercost Bridge (Brampton etc) (Cmd map)
Lanercost Priory (Burtholme) (Cmd map)
Langanby (Cmd map)
Langdale (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Langdale, Great (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Langdale, Great (Lakes) (Cmd map)
Langdale, Little (Lakes) (Cmd map)
Langdale Beck (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Langdale Beck, Great (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Lang Newton (Cmd map)
Langrig (Wmd map)
Langrigg Beck (Bromfield) (Cmd map)
Lang Sledale (Wmd map)
Langton (Murton) (Wmd map)
Langwathby (Wmd map)
Langwathby (Cmd map)
Lasenby (Cmd map)
Lasen Hall (Cmd map)
Laverock Bridge (Scalthwaiterigg etc) (Wmd map)
Laversdale (Irthington) (Cmd map)
Laythes (Aikton) (Cmd map)
Lazonby (Cmd map)
Leanbridg Fen (Wmd map)
Leathes Water (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Wmd map)
Leathes Water (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
Leath Ward (Cumberland) (Cmd map)
Leck (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Leck Beck (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Leckbeck (Wmd map)
Legburgthwate (Cmd map)
Legburthwaite (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
Leith, River (Lowther etc) (Wmd map)
Leith, River (Lowther etc) (Cmd map)
Lessonhall (Waverton) (Cmd map)
Lethel (Cmd map)
Leven, River (Haverthwaite etc) (Wmd map)
Leven, River (Haverthwaite etc) (Cmd map)
Leven Estuary (Cumbria) (Wmd map)
Leven Estuary (Cumbria) (Cmd map)
Leven River (Cmd map)
Levens Bridge (Levens) (Wmd map)
Levens Park (Levens) (Wmd map)
Liddel (Nicholforest) (Cmd map)
Liddel Water (Arthuret) (Cmd map)
Liddle Water (Arthuret) (Cmd map)
Lies (Cmd map)
Limersdale (Cmd map)
Linbeck Gill (Muncaster etc) (Cmd map)
Linstock Castle (Stanwix Rural) (Cmd map)
Litle Langdale (Cmd map)
Little Asby (Asby) (Wmd map)
Little Ashby (Wmd map)
Little Bampton (Kirkbampton) (Cmd map)
Little Crosthwaite (Underskiddaw) (Cmd map)
Little Dun Fell (Milburn) (Wmd map)
Little Langdale (Lakes) (Cmd map)
Little Musgrave (Musgrave) (Wmd map)
Little Musgrave (Wmd map)
Little Ormside (Wmd map)
Little Ormside (Ormside) (Wmd map)
Little Salkeld (Hunsonby) (Cmd map)
Little Strickland (Wmd map)
Little Waver (Boltons) (Cmd map)
Livennet Beck River (Wmd map)
Lone Flu (Wmd map)
Long Bridge (Keswick etc) (Cmd map)
Long Marton (Wmd map)
Longsleddale (Wmd map)
Long Town (Cmd map)
Longtown (Arthuret) (Cmd map)
Lorton (Cmd map)
Lorton (Cmd map)
Lorton, High (Lorton) (Cmd map)
Lorton, Low (Lorton) (Cmd map)
Loughrigg (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Low Ameshaugh (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Low Borrow Bridge (Low Borrowbridge) (Wmd map)
Low Borrowbridge (Tebay) (Wmd map)
Low Braithwaite (Skelton) (Cmd map)
Lowbyer (Cmd map)
Low Byre (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Lowca Beck (Lowca etc) (Cmd map)
Low Church, The (St Bridget Beckermet) (Cmd map)
Low Crag House (Wmd map)
Low Crag House (Milburn) (Wmd map)
Loweswater (Cmd map)
Loweswater (Cmd map)
Low Gelt Bridge (Brampton etc) (Cmd map)
Low Lorton (Lorton) (Cmd map)
Low Luckens (Solport) (Cmd map)
Lowsay (Holme St Cuthbert) (Cmd map)
Lowswater (Cmd map)
Lowther (Wmd map)
Lowther (Cmd map)
Lowther, River (Askham etc) (Wmd map)
Lowther, River (Askham etc) (Cmd map)
Lowther Bridge (Yanwath and Eamont Bridge etc) (Wmd map)
Lowther Park (Lowther) (Wmd map)
Luckens, Low (Solport) (Cmd map)
Luguvalium (Cmd map)
Lune, River (Tebay etc) (Wmd map)
Lunebridge Fen (Kelleth) (Wmd map)
Lune Flu (Wmd map)
Lune Forest (Durham) (Wmd map)
Lune's Bridge (Tebay) (Wmd map)
Lynstock Castle (Cmd map)
Lyvennet Beck (Crosby Ravensworth) (Wmd map)
Maden Way (Wmd map)
Maiden Way (Ousby) (Wmd map)
Maize Beck (Murton etc) (Wmd map)
Mallerstang Chaple (Wmd map)
Mallerstang church (Outhgill) (Wmd map)
Mallerstang Forrest (Wmd map)
Mansergh (Wmd map)
Markendale Chapel (Cmd map)
Market Brough (Wmd map)
Marron, River (Dean) (Cmd map)
Martendale (Wmd map)
Martendale Forrest (Wmd map)
Martindale (Wmd map)
Martindale church (Martindale) (Cmd map)
Martindale Common (Martindale) (Wmd map)
Masthorn, The (Cmd map)
Matterdale (Cmd map)
Mauds Meaburn (Wmd map)
Maulds Meaburn (Crosby Ravensworth) (Wmd map)
Mawborow Old (Cmd map)
Mawbray (Holme St Cuthbert) (Cmd map)
Meathop (Meathop and Ulpha) (Wmd map)
Medobushe Wood (Cmd map)
Medohush Wood (Kirkandrews) (Cmd map)
Melburne Regis (Wmd map)
Meldon Forrest (Wmd map)
Melkinthorpe (Lowther) (Wmd map)
Melmerby (Ousby) (Cmd map)
Merton (Wmd map)
Methap (Wmd map)
Mewton Beacon (Cmd map)
Mexico Mine (Caldbeck) (Cmd map)
Middleton Hall (Middleton) (Wmd map)
Midleton (Wmd map)
Milborne (Wmd map)
Milburn (Wmd map)
Milburn Beck (Long Marton etc) (Wmd map)
Milburn Beck (Long Marton etc) (Cmd map)
Milburne Forrest (Wmd map)
Milburn Forest (Milburn) (Wmd map)
Milburn Grange (Milburn) (Wmd map)
Milkinthorp (Wmd map)
Mill Hill (Kirkandrews) (Cmd map)
Millom (Cmd map)
Millom Castle (Millom) (Cmd map)
Millridge (Wmd map)
Millrigg (Culgaith) (Wmd map)
Millum (Cmd map)
Millum Castle (Cmd map)
Miln Hill (Cmd map)
Milnthorpe (Wmd map)
Milthorp (Wmd map)
Mines Royal, The (Cmd map)
Mint, River (Kendal etc) (Wmd map)
Mint Bridge (Kendal) (Wmd map)
Mite, River (Eskdale etc) (Cmd map)
Miterdale (Eskdale) (Cmd map)
Moat (Arthuret) (Cmd map)
Moncaster (Cmd map)
Moota Hill beacon (Blindcrake) (Cmd map)
Moresby (Cmd map)
Moricambo (Cmd map)
Morlan (Cmd map)
Morland (Wmd map)
Morland (Cmd map)
Morricambe (Holme East Waver) (Cmd map)
Mosedale (Mungrisdale) (Cmd map)
Mosedale Beck (Matterdale etc) (Cmd map)
Mossthorn, High (Stapleton) (Cmd map)
Mote, The (Cmd map)
Motherby (Greystoke) (Cmd map)
Mowill Hill (Wmd map)
Muncaster Castle (Muncaster) (Cmd map)
Mungrisdale (Cmd map)
Mungrisdale church (Mungrisdale) (Cmd map)
Murton (Wmd map)
Murton Pike (Murton) (Wmd map)
Musgrave, Great (Musgrave) (Wmd map)
Musgrave, Little (Musgrave) (Wmd map)
Musgrave Bridge (Musgrave) (Wmd map)
Naddle Forest (Shap Rural) (Wmd map)
Naitby (Wmd map)
Nateby (Wmd map)
Natland (Wmd map)
Natland Park (Natland) (Wmd map)
Naworth Castle (Cmd map)
Naworth Castle (Brampton) (Cmd map)
Nent, River (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Nether Bridge (Kendal) (Wmd map)
Netherby (Arthuret) (Cmd map)
Nether Denton (Cmd map)
Nether Hoff (Colby) (Wmd map)
Nether Hoffe (Wmd map)
Nether Warsdale (Cmd map)
Nether Wasdale (Cmd map)
Nether Wasdale church (Wasdale Head) (Cmd map)
New Biggin (Wmd map)
Newbiggin (Wmd map)
Newbiggin (Dacre) (Cmd map)
Newbiggin (Cmd map)
Newbiggin (Cmd map)
Newbiggin House (St Cuthbert Without) (Cmd map)
Newbiggin-on-Lune (Ravenstonedale) (Wmd map)
New Bridge (Threlkeld etc) (Cmd map)
Newbridge (Cmd map)
New Bridge, Sedbergh (Sedbergh) (Wmd map)
Newby (Wmd map)
Newby (Cmd map)
Newby Bridge (Staveley-in-Cartmel) (Wmd map)
Newby Bridge (Staveley-in-Cartmel) (Cmd map)
Newby East (Irthington) (Cmd map)
Newby West (Cummersdale) (Cmd map)
Newland Chapel (Cmd map)
Newland Chapel (Cmd map)
Newlands (Above Derwent) (Cmd map)
Newlands Beck (Above Derwent) (Cmd map)
Newlands Church (Above Derwent) (Cmd map)
Newlathes (Cmd map)
Newlathes (Carlisle) (Cmd map)
Newmore (Cmd map)
Newton (Cmd map)
Newton Arlosh (Holme East Waver) (Cmd map)
Newton in Ardale (Cmd map)
Newton Reigny (Catterlen) (Cmd map)
Newtown (Cmd map)
Newtown of Rockcliffe (Westlinton) (Cmd map)
Nichol Chair (Dufton) (Wmd map)
Ninechurch (Wmd map)
Ninekirk (Brougham) (Wmd map)
North Allerdale Ward (Cumberland) (Cmd map)
Nunnery (Ainstable) (Cmd map)
Oddendale (Crosby Ravensworth) (Wmd map)
Oddleden (Wmd map)
Old Brathay (Skelwith) (Wmd map)
Old Bridge (Egremont) (Cmd map)
Old Church, The (St Bridget Beckermet) (Cmd map)
Old Park (Killington) (Wmd map)
Old Petterill (Hesket) (Cmd map)
Old Spital (Durham) (Wmd map)
Ormside, Great (Ormside) (Wmd map)
Ormside, Little (Ormside) (Wmd map)
Orton (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Orton (Cmd map)
Orton, Great (Orton N) (Cmd map)
Orton Beacon (Wmd map)
Oughterby (Kirkbampton) (Cmd map)
Oughterside (Oughterside and Allerby) (Cmd map)
Oulton (Woodside) (Cmd map)
Ousby (Cmd map)
Ouse Bridge (Cmd map)
Outerby (Cmd map)
Over Hall (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Over Hall (Cmd map)
Owterside (Cmd map)
Owton (Cmd map)
Palliard (Stainmore) (Wmd map)
Pal Yard (Wmd map)
Pap Castle (Cmd map)
Papcastle (Cmd map)
Pardshaw Hall (Dean) (Cmd map)
Park (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Park, Old (Killington) (Wmd map)
Park Beck (Loweswater) (Cmd map)
Parke (Wmd map)
Pasture Houses (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Paterdale (Cmd map)
Patterdale (Wmd map)
Patterdale (Cmd map)
Patterdale to Kirkstone (Lakes etc) (Wmd map)
Patterdale to Penrith (Patterdale etc) (Wmd map)
Patton Hill (Patton) (Wmd map)
P Drigg (Cmd map)
Pendragon Castle (Mallerstang) (Wmd map)
Penrith (Wmd map)
Penrith (Cmd map)
Penrith Beacon (Penrith) (Wmd map)
Penrith Beacon (Penrith) (Cmd map)
Penrith Castle (Penrith) (Cmd map)
Penrith to Carlisle (Penrith etc) (Wmd map)
Penrith to Carlisle (Penrith etc) (Cmd map)
Penrith to Patterdale (Patterdale etc) (Wmd map)
Penrith to Shap (Shap etc) (Wmd map)
Penrodock (Cmd map)
Penruddock (Hutton) (Cmd map)
Petterell Wrey (Cmd map)
Petterel River (Cmd map)
Petteril, River (St Cuthbert Without etc) (Cmd map)
Plumbland (Cmd map)
Plumland (Cmd map)
Plumpton (Hesket) (Cmd map)
Plumpton (Cmd map)
Plumpton Wall (Hesket) (Cmd map)
Pole (Cmd map)
Poltrose River (Cmd map)
Poltross Burn (Upper Denton) (Cmd map)
Ponsonby (Cmd map)
Pooley Bridge (Barton) (Wmd map)
Pooley Bridge (Barton) (Cmd map)
Portinscale (Above Derwent) (Cmd map)
Portinskal (Cmd map)
Pow Maughan (Wetheral) (Cmd map)
Preston Chappel (Wmd map)
Preston Hall (Wmd map)
Preston Patrick church (Preston Patrick) (Wmd map)
Preston Patrick Hall (Preston Patrick) (Wmd map)
Punsonby (Cmd map)
Raby Cote (Holme East Waver) (Cmd map)
Raby Cotes (Cmd map)
Rais Beck (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Raisbeck (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Raisgill Hall (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Randerside Hall (Hesket) (Cmd map)
Rasebeck (Wmd map)
Rathey (Wmd map)
Raughton Chapel (Cmd map)
Raughton Head (Dalston) (Cmd map)
Raven Beck (Kirkoswald) (Cmd map)
Ravenglas (Cmd map)
Ravenglass (Muncaster) (Cmd map)
Ravenstonedale (Wmd map)
Ravenstonedale Park (Ravenstonedale) (Wmd map)
Ravingstondale (Wmd map)
Rawthey, River (Sedbergh) (Wmd map)
Rawthwate (Cmd map)
Reagill (Crosby Ravensworth) (Wmd map)
Rear Cross (Wmd map)
Redkirk (Cmd map)
Red Kirk, The (Cmd map)
Redmain (Blindcrake) (Cmd map)
Redmaine (Cmd map)
Regill (Wmd map)
Renwick (Kirkoswald) (Cmd map)
Reunwick (Cmd map)
Rey Cross (Durham) (Wmd map)
Ribton (Cmd map)
Ribton Hall (Camerton) (Cmd map)
Ridale (Wmd map)
Robberby Water (Hunsonby) (Cmd map)
Rockcliffe (Cmd map)
Rockcliffe Castle (Castletown) (Cmd map)
Roger Head (Crackenthorpe) (Wmd map)
Rokeby (Wmd map)
Roman Fell (Warcop etc) (Wmd map)
Romanfell (Wmd map)
Rookby (Kaber) (Wmd map)
Rose Castle (Dalston) (Cmd map)
Rosgill (Shap Rural) (Wmd map)
Rothay, River (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Roughtongill Mine (Caldbeck) (Cmd map)
Roughtongill Mines (Caldbeck) (Cmd map)
Roundthwaite (Tebay) (Wmd map)
Rowcliff (Cmd map)
Rowcliff Castle (Cmd map)
Roycross (Wmd map)
Rumary Fell (Wmd map)
Runthwate (Wmd map)
Russendale (Wmd map)
Ruthwaite (Ireby) (Cmd map)
Rydal (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Rydal Beck (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Rydal Bridge (Rydal) (Wmd map)
Rydal Water (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Rydal Water (Lakes) (Cmd map)
Salkeld, Great (Cmd map)
Salkeld, Little (Hunsonby) (Cmd map)
Salkeldes (Cmd map)
Salkeldes (Cmd map)
Sandford (Warcop) (Wmd map)
Santon Bridge (Santon Bridge) (Cmd map)
Sark, River (Kirkandrews) (Cmd map)
Sark River (Cmd map)
Saulet Brow (Wmd map)
Scalby (Cmd map)
Scalby Castle (Cmd map)
Scale Beck (Asby etc) (Wmd map)
Scale Bridge (Buttermere etc) (Cmd map)
Scaleby (Cmd map)
Scaleby Castle (Scaleby) (Cmd map)
Scalehill Bridge (Loweswater etc) (Cmd map)
Scandal Beck (Ravenstonedale etc) (Wmd map)
Seabraham (Cmd map)
Seathwaite (Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite) (Wmd map)
Seaton (Cmd map)
Seaton (Cmd map)
Seaton Hall (Bootle) (Cmd map)
Sebergham (Cmd map)
Sedber (Wmd map)
Sedbergh (Wmd map)
Sedbergh New Bridge (Sedbergh) (Wmd map)
Sedgwick (Wmd map)
Sedgwick Park (Sedgwick) (Wmd map)
Seggeswick (Wmd map)
Sellafield (St Bridget Beckermet) (Cmd map)
Sellet Brow (Stainton) (Wmd map)
Sellofield (Cmd map)
Selside Hall (Whitwell and Selside) (Wmd map)
Setmurther (Cmd map)
Setmurthy (Cmd map)
Sewborwens (Catterlen) (Cmd map)
Shap (Wmd map)
Shap Abbey (Shap Rural) (Wmd map)
Shap Abby (Wmd map)
Shap Thorn (Wmd map)
Shap Thorn (Shap Rural) (Wmd map)
Shap to Kendal (Kendal etc) (Wmd map)
Shap to Penrith (Shap etc) (Wmd map)
Shap to Tebay (Shap etc) (Wmd map)
Shire Stones upon Wrenose (Cmd map)
Silleth (Cmd map)
Silloth (Silloth-on-Solway) (Cmd map)
Silveray (Milburn) (Wmd map)
Silveray House (Wmd map)
Silver Gill Mine (Caldbeck) (Cmd map)
Silver Side (Farlam) (Cmd map)
Silverside (Cmd map)
Siserge (Wmd map)
Sizergh Castle (Helsington) (Wmd map)
Sizergh Park (Helsington) (Wmd map)
Skelsmere (Wmd map)
Skelsmergh Hall (Skelsmergh) (Wmd map)
Skelsmergh Hall Farm (Skelsmergh) (Wmd map)
Skelton (Cmd map)
Skiddaw (Underskiddaw etc) (Cmd map)
Skiddaw Man (Underskiddaw etc) (Cmd map)
Skiddow Hill (Cmd map)
Skinburnes (Cmd map)
Skinburness (Silloth-on-Solway) (Cmd map)
Skirsgill (Penrith) (Wmd map)
Skirwith (Culgaith) (Cmd map)
Skitby (Kirklinton Middle) (Cmd map)
Skutterby (Cmd map)
Sleagill (Wmd map)
Sleddale Forest (Longsleddale) (Wmd map)
Slegill (Wmd map)
Smardale (Waitby) (Wmd map)
Sockbridge (Sockbridge and Tirril) (Wmd map)
Sockbridge (Sockbridge and Tirril) (Cmd map)
Sollome Mosse (Cmd map)
Solport (Cmd map)
Solway Firth (Cumbria) (Cmd map)
Solway Frith (Cmd map)
Solway Moss (Kirkandrews) (Cmd map)
Soulby (Wmd map)
South Allerdale Ward (Cumberland) (Cmd map)
Southerfield (Holme Abbey) (Cmd map)
South Tyne, River (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
South Tyne River (Cmd map)
Southwate (Wmd map)
Sowbarrow (Cmd map)
Sowerby (Cmd map)
Sowerby Hall (Castle Sowerby) (Cmd map)
Sowport (Cmd map)
Sowterfield (Cmd map)
Spade Adam (Cmd map)
Spadeadam (Kingwater) (Cmd map)
Spark Bridge (Egton with Newland etc) (Cmd map)
Speedymoore, Camp on (Wmd map)
Spittle House (Wmd map)
Sprint, River (Strickland Roger etc) (Wmd map)
Sprint Bridge (Strickland Roger etc) (Wmd map)
Staffield (Kirkoswald) (Cmd map)
Staffield Park (Kirkoswald) (Cmd map)
Stafle (Cmd map)
Stainburn (Workington) (Cmd map)
Stainmore (Wmd map)
Stainmore Dale (Wmd map)
Stainton (Dacre) (Cmd map)
Staneburn Hall (Cmd map)
Stanemore Forrest (Wmd map)
Stangartick Side (Cmd map)
Stanwix (Carlisle) (Cmd map)
Stapleton (Cmd map)
Staveley (Over Staveley etc) (Wmd map)
St Bees (Cmd map)
St Bees Head (St Bees) (Cmd map)
St Brides (Cmd map)
St Bridget's Church (St Bridget Beckermet) (Cmd map)
St Catherine's Church (Crook) (Wmd map)
St Iohns (Cmd map)
St Johns (Cmd map)
St Johns (Cmd map)
St Johns Bekermet (Cmd map)
St John's Beck (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
St John's Church (Beckermet) (Cmd map)
St John's Church (Croglin) (Cmd map)
St John's Church (Ulpha) (Cmd map)
St John's in the Vale (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
St Katherines (Wmd map)
St Kentigern's Church (Mungrisdale) (Cmd map)
St Lawrence (Cmd map)
St Lawrence Chapel (Broughton) (Cmd map)
St Martin's Church (Martindale) (Cmd map)
St Mary's Chapel (Outhgill) (Wmd map)
St Mary's Church (Abbey Town) (Cmd map)
St Michaels Chapel (Cmd map)
St Michael's Church (Workington) (Cmd map)
St Ninian's Church (Brougham) (Wmd map)
Stock Ghyll (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Stokbridge (Cmd map)
St Olaf's Church (Wasdale Head) (Cmd map)
Stonegarthside Hall (Nicholforest) (Cmd map)
Stonethwaite Beck (Borrowdale) (Cmd map)
St Patricks Well (Wmd map)
St Patrick's Church (Preston Patrick) (Wmd map)
St Patrick's Well (Patterdale) (Wmd map)
Stramongate Bridge (Kendal) (Wmd map)
Strickland, Great (Wmd map)
Strickland, Little (Wmd map)
Strickland Hall (Great Strickland) (Wmd map)
Strictland Hall (Wmd map)
Strictland Magna (Wmd map)
Strictland Parva (Wmd map)
Struggle, The (Lakes) (Wmd map)
St Wilfrid's Chapel (Brougham) (Wmd map)
Sun Biggin (Wmd map)
Sunbiggin (Orton S) (Wmd map)
Sunderland (Blindcrake) (Cmd map)
Swale, River (North Yorkshire) (Wmd map)
Swale River (Wmd map)
Swetbank (Wmd map)
Swetbank (Murton) (Wmd map)
Swindale Beck (Brough etc) (Wmd map)
Swindale Beck (Long Marton etc) (Wmd map)
Swindale Beck River (Wmd map)
Talkin (Hayton) (Cmd map)
Tallantire (Cmd map)
Tallentire (Bridekirk) (Cmd map)
Tarn House (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Tarraby (Stanwix Rural) (Cmd map)
Taukin (Cmd map)
Tebay (Wmd map)
Tebay to Shap (Shap etc) (Wmd map)
Tees, River (Milburn etc) (Wmd map)
Tees Flu (Wmd map)
Temple Sowerby (Wmd map)
Temple Sowerby (Cmd map)
Templesowerby (Cmd map)
Terne House, The (Cmd map)
Thacka Beck (Penrith) (Cmd map)
Thackthwaite (Matterdale) (Cmd map)
Thakthwate (Cmd map)
Thirlewall Castle (Cmd map)
Thirlmere (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Wmd map)
Thirlmere (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
Thirlmere Reservoir (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Wmd map)
Thirlmere Reservoir (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
Thirlwall Castle (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Thornthwaite (Above Derwent) (Cmd map)
Thornthwaite Hall (Bampton) (Wmd map)
Thornthwate (Cmd map)
Thornthwate Forrest (Wmd map)
Three Foot Brandreth (Ulpha etc) (Cmd map)
Three Shire Stones (Ulpha etc) (Cmd map)
Threlkeld (Cmd map)
Threlkeld Bridge (Threlkeld etc) (Cmd map)
Thrimby (Little Strickland) (Wmd map)
Throstle's Nest, The (Cmd map)
Thurland Castle (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Thurlemyre River (Cmd map)
Thursby (Cmd map)
Thwates (Cmd map)
Tipalt Burn (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Tirrel (Wmd map)
Tirril (Sockbridge and Tirril) (Wmd map)
Todhills (Rockcliffe) (Cmd map)
Tomwat Hill (Cmd map)
Tordoff (Cmd map)
Torduff (Cmd map)
Torpenhow (Blennerhasset and Torpenhow) (Cmd map)
Trettermane (Cmd map)
Triermain (Waterhead) (Cmd map)
Tripall River (Cmd map)
Trout Beck (Long Marton) (Wmd map)
Trout Beck (Milburn etc) (Wmd map)
Trout Beck (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Trout Beck (Long Marton) (Cmd map)
Trout Beck (Kingwater) (Cmd map)
Troutbeck (Lakes) (Wmd map)
Troutbeck (Lakes) (Cmd map)
Troutbeck Bridge (Windermere) (Cmd map)
Trout Beck River (Cmd map)
Twiss, River (North Yorkshire) (Wmd map)
Ubarrow Hall (Longsleddale) (Wmd map)
Uffay (Cmd map)
Uldale (Ireby) (Cmd map)
Ulles River (Cmd map)
Ullock (Dean) (Cmd map)
Ullswater (Matterdale etc) (Wmd map)
Ullswater (Matterdale etc) (Cmd map)
Ulpha (Cmd map)
Ulpha church (Ulpha) (Cmd map)
Ulpha Park (Ulpha) (Cmd map)
Ulverston Sands (Urswick) (Wmd map)
Underbarrow (Underbarrow and Bradleyfield) (Wmd map)
Underley (Wmd map)
Underley Hall (Kirkby Lonsdale) (Wmd map)
Underley Hall School (Kirkby Lonsdale) (Wmd map)
Unerig (Cmd map)
Unthank (Skelton) (Cmd map)
Unthank (Glassonby) (Cmd map)
Upperby (Carlisle) (Cmd map)
Upper Denton (Cmd map)
Upper Hoffe (Wmd map)
Uprightby (Cmd map)
Uuthank (Cmd map)
Vaneworth (Cmd map)
Vent River (Cmd map)
Vertara (Wmd map)
Vill Grange (Wmd map)
Waberthwaite (Cmd map)
Waitby (Wmd map)
Wakthwate (Cmd map)
Waleton (Cmd map)
Wallthwaite (Matterdale) (Cmd map)
Walltown (Northumberland) (Cmd map)
Wall Towne (Cmd map)
Walton (Cmd map)
Wampool (Aikton) (Cmd map)
Wampool, River (Holme East Waver etc) (Cmd map)
Wampul (Cmd map)
Wampul River (Cmd map)
Warcop (Wmd map)
Warcop Old Bridge (Warcop) (Wmd map)
Wardal (Cmd map)
Wardhall Guards (Plumbland) (Cmd map)
Warnel (Cmd map)
Warnell (Sebergham) (Cmd map)
Warsdale Chapel (Cmd map)
Warton (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Warton (Cmd map)
Warwick (Wetheral) (Cmd map)
Warwick Bridge (Cmd map)
Warwick-on-Eden (Wetheral) (Cmd map)
Wasdale, Nether (Cmd map)
Wasdale Foot (Crosby Ravensworth) (Wmd map)
Wasdale Head (Shap Rural) (Wmd map)
Wasdale Old Bridge (Shap Rural etc) (Wmd map)
Wastall Foot (Wmd map)
Wastall Head (Wmd map)
Wast Water (Nether Wasdale) (Cmd map)
Watendlath (Borrowdale) (Cmd map)
Watenlath (Cmd map)
Water Crook (Wmd map)
Watercrook (Natland) (Wmd map)
Watermillock (Matterdale) (Cmd map)
Wathermalach (Cmd map)
Waver (Cmd map)
Waver, Little (Boltons) (Cmd map)
Waver, River (Holme Abbey etc) (Cmd map)
Waverton (Cmd map)
Wawburthwate (Cmd map)
Wenning, River (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
West Hall (Kingwater) (Cmd map)
West Hill (Cmd map)
Westhills (Cmd map)
Westlinton (Cmd map)
West Lynton (Cmd map)
Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry Museum (Dacre) (Wmd map)
Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry Museum (Dacre) (Cmd map)
Westnewton (Cmd map)
West Ward (Cmd map)
Westward (Cmd map)
West Ward Forest (Cmd map)
Westward Forest (Westward) (Cmd map)
Wetheral (Cmd map)
Wetherall (Cmd map)
Wet Sleddale (Shap Rural) (Wmd map)
Wetsleddale (Wmd map)
Wharton Hall (Wharton) (Wmd map)
Whartonhall (Wmd map)
Whicham (Cmd map)
Whidbeck (Cmd map)
Whillan Beck (Eskdale) (Cmd map)
Whinfeld Forest (Cmd map)
Whinfell (Wmd map)
Whinfell Beacon (Whinfell) (Wmd map)
Whinfell Forest (Brougham) (Wmd map)
Whinfell Forest (Brougham) (Cmd map)
Whinfell Park (Brougham) (Cmd map)
Whinfield (Wmd map)
Whinfield Hill (Wmd map)
Whinnah (Lamplugh) (Cmd map)
Whinnow Beck (Thursby) (Cmd map)
Whitbeck (Whicham) (Cmd map)
Whitclose (Cmd map)
Whiteclose (Arthuret) (Cmd map)
Whitehaven (Cmd map)
Whitehaven to Cockermouth (Cockermouth etc) (Cmd map)
Whitehaven to Egremont (Egremont etc) (Cmd map)
White Hill (Walton) (Cmd map)
White Lyne (Stapleton etc) (Cmd map)
Whitewall (Asby) (Wmd map)
Whitlaton (Cmd map)
Whit Leven River (Cmd map)
Whitley (Alston Moor) (Cmd map)
Whitridg (Cmd map)
Whitrigg (Kirkbride) (Cmd map)
Whittecham (Cmd map)
Whittenton (Wmd map)
Whittington (Lancashire) (Wmd map)
Whitwall (Wmd map)
Wiborne (Wmd map)
Wickerslack (Crosby Ravensworth) (Wmd map)
Widehope (Cmd map)
Wigton (Cmd map)
Wild Boar Fell (Mallerstang etc) (Wmd map)
Wildborefell (Wmd map)
Winander Mere (Wmd map)
Windermere (Lakes etc) (Wmd map)
Windermere (Lakes etc) (Cmd map)
Winderwath (Brougham) (Wmd map)
Winderwath (Brougham) (Cmd map)
Winderworth (Cmd map)
Winnick (Cmd map)
Winsgell (Cmd map)
Winskill (Hunsonby) (Cmd map)
Winster (Crook) (Wmd map)
Winster, River (Upper Allithwaite etc) (Wmd map)
Winster Flu (Wmd map)
Winton (Wmd map)
Witherslack (Wmd map)
Witherslack Hall (Witherslack) (Wmd map)
Wit Hill (Cmd map)
Wiza Beck (Westward) (Cmd map)
Wiza River (Cmd map)
Wolsty Castle (Holme Low) (Cmd map)
Woodside (Brougham) (Wmd map)
Workington (Cmd map)
Workington church (Workington) (Cmd map)
Wreay (St Cuthbert Without) (Cmd map)
Wulsty Castle (Cmd map)
Wynandermere (Cmd map)
Wythburn (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Wmd map)
Wythburn Water (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Wmd map)
Wythburn Water (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn) (Cmd map)
Wythop (Cmd map)
Wythop Park (Wythop) (Cmd map)
Yanwath (Yanwath and Eamont Bridge) (Wmd map)
Yanwath (Yanwath and Eamont Bridge) (Cmd map)
Yewbarrow Hall (Longsleddale) (Wmd map)