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Map, uncoloured engraving, Plan of the Proposed Lancaster Canal, scale about 1 miles to 1 inch, surveyed by John Rennie, 1791-92, engraved by William Faden, London, 1792.
Much of the proposed route is a contour canal, and was not used for the parts north of Tewitfield; the canal runs from near Wigan, through Preston and Lancaster, Lancashire; to Kendal, Westmorland. There is a table of distances printed lower right - Kendal to Greenhead Farm 5 miles 1 furlong 1 chain 20 links, level; to near Borwick, 9m 1f 7ch 75l, fall 65 feet; to Preston, 42m 5f 1ch 28l, level; to Clayton Green, 3m 0f 5ch 75l, rises 220 feet; to West Houghton 15m 5f 3ch 72l, level; total 75 miles 5 furlongs 9 chains 70 links. There are collateral cuts to Duxbury, and to Warton Crag; and a feeder from the River Mint near Mint Bridge to the bason at Kendal.
Minerals are indicated at various places; Lime, Free Stone, Coal, Cannel.
The map is printed on two sheets, pasted together and framed.
   Rennie 1792
map feature:- compass rose & up is E & scale line & sea plain & coast form lines & rivers & lakes & relief & hill hachuring & parks & county & settlements & roads & canals
inscription:- printed upper left of centre
PLAN / of the proposed / Lancaster Canal / from KIRKBY KENDAL in the COUNTY of WESTMORLAND / to / WEST HOUGHTON in the COUNTY of PALATINE LANCASHIRE / Surveyed in the Years 1791 & 1792 / By JOHN RENNIE, Engineer. F.R.S.E. / Engraved by W. Faden, Geogr. to the King 1792.
inscription:- printed abve the scale line
scale line:- 6+1 miles = 173.0 mm (approx)
scale:- 1 to 68000 ? (1 to 67781 from scale line)
wxh, map:- 142x51cm