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Illustration of part of map only.
Map, hand coloured engraving, one sheet of a Map of Dumfriesshire, scale about 1 inch to 1 mile, by William Crawford, engraved by Kirkwood and Sons, Edinburgh, fancy lettering designed by George Paton, published 1804.
Some topography of the north part of Cumberland is shown, including Hadrian's Wall, Carlisle, and the proposed Tyne Solway Canal.
There is an inset Plan of the Proposed Canal between Newcastle and Maryport, the Tyne Solway Canal, scale about 8.5 miles to 1 inch, which was put forward by William Chapman, 1795-96.
The map is the SE sheet of a four sheet map of the county.
   Crawford 1804
map feature:- up is N & lat and long scales & sea plain & coast form lines & rivers & relief & hill hachuring & woods & parks & county & parishes (?) & settlements & roads & canals & inset map
inscription:- printed pictorial cartouche, upper right, NE sheet
Map / of / DUMFRIES-SHIRE / from an / Actual Survey / By / WM. CRAWFORD. / Engraved by Kirkwood & Sons / Edinburgh
girl holding a banner
inscription:- printed dedication, lower right
To / His Grace / HENRY, DUKE OF BUCCLEUCH, / K.G. &c. &c. &c. / This Map / Is with the greatest RESPECT & GRATITUDE Inscribed / By His Grace's most obedient & most humble servant / William Crawford. // The / ornamental writing designed / by / GEO. PATON / Teacher, / Edinburgh.
inscription:- printed label with Hadrian's Wall
Part of the Roman Wall built by Emperor Adrian in 172 to connect the Chain of Posts which had about 40 years before been established by Agricola. This Wall originally of Turf was rebuilt with Stone in 208 by Emperor Septimus Severus.
inscription:- printed top of inset map
LINE of the proposed CANAL between NEWCASTLE and MARYPORT.
inscription:- inset map: printed with scale line
Scale of the Canal
scale line:- 20 miles = 61.2 mm
wxh, sheet:- 77.5x66cm
wxh, map:- 735x614mm
scale:- 1 to 64000 ? (1 to 64123, from 15 minutes latitude = 434 mm)
scale:- 1 to 530000 ? (1 to 525929 from its scale line)