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Print, engraving, The Lower Waterfall at Rydal, Lakes, Cumbria, painted by Joseph Farington, engraved by B T Pouncy, published by W Byrne, 69 Titchfield Street, London, 1785.
The waterfall, Low Fall? from below, surrounded by trees, the bridge visible above.
Plate 13 from Views of the Lakes, &c, in Cumberland and Westmorland, published 1789.
Pasted in the Lowther scrapbook, vol.1; between pp.174-175; with descriptive text:-.
LOWER WATERFALL at RYDAL / THIS Cascade is seen through the Window of the Summer-House in Sir Michael Le Fleming's Garden at Rydal Hall. There is another Fall of the same Stream extremely well worth seeing though in a different Stile of Beauty a little above the House. Public mention was first made of the elegant little Scene which is the Subject of this Plate by Mr. Mason, the Editor of Mr. Gray's Letters, nor will the Reader to be displeased to have the Account of it in his own Words. 'Here Nature has performed every Thing in little that she usually executes on her larger Scale; and on that Account, like the Miniature Painter, seems to have finished every part of it in a studied Manner: not a little Fragment of Rock thrown into the Bason, not a single Stem of Brushwood that starts from its craggy Side but has a picturesque Meaning; and the little central Stream dashing down a Cleft of the darkest coloured Stone, produces an Effect of Light and Shadow beautiful beyond Description. This little theatrical Scene might be painted as large as the Original, on a Canvas not bigger than those usually dropped in the Opera-House.'
source type:- Farington 1789 (plate 13)
inscription:- printed top right
inscription:- printed bottom, left, right and centre
Drawn by Josh. Farington, R.A. / Engraved by B. T. Pouncy. / The lower WATER FALL at RYDAL. / Published as the Act directs. 15 Jany. 1788, by W. Byrne, No.79 Titchfield Street, London.
wxh, sheet:- 49x30.5cm
wxh, plate:- 367x250mm
wxh, print:- 344x215mm

Scrapbook, 4 volumes, History of Westmorland and Cumberland Illustrated, of descriptive texts, maps, and prints of views and coats of arms, for Westmorland and Cumberland, assembled by a member of the Lowther Family, late 18th early 19th century.
The volumes are quarter bound, with marbled paper on the covers; each has a bookplate inside the front cover. The pages cut from various sources are nicely mounted, two sided pieces set neatly in a window in the scrapbook page.
The main content is the whole of the two volumes of The History and Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland, by Joseph Nicolson and Richard Burn, published London, 1777. Nicolson and Burn volume 1 is in scrapbook volumes 1 and 2, volume 2 in scrapbook volumes 3 and 4. Maps and prints are interspersed to make an illustrated version of the history.
Some of the sources of maps and prints have been recognised:-
Maps - coast of Cumberland etc by Andrew Dury, 1764; Westmorland and Cumberland by Richard Blome, 1673; sheets from Britannia Depicta, Emanuel Bowen, 1720; Cumberland by John Speed, Henry Overton edn 1695; Cumberland by John Cary 1787.
Prints from the Set of prints, 20 engravings, Views of the Lakes etc in Cumberland and Westmorland, drawn by Joseph Farington, published by William Byrne, London, 1789. Note that plate numbers vary from edition to edition of this set.
Prints from the Antiquities of Great Britain, drawings by Thomas Hearne, engraved by William Byrne, published by Hearne and Byrne, London, 1786-1807.
Prints from Britannia Illustrata, drawings by Leonard Knyff, engraved by John Kip, published London, 1707-1740.
Print from A Tour in England and Scotland, by Thomas Newte, published by G G J and J Robinson, Paternoster Row, London, 1788..
Some of the coat of arms are cut from A Display of Heraldrie by John Guillim late Pursuivant at Armes, published London, about 1610-11 to 1755.
Coats of arms probably from The Baronetage of England, by Edward Kimber and Richard Johnson, published London? 1771.
Pages from The Antiquarian Repertory, by Francis Grose, Thomas Astle, et al, published London, 1775-1809.
Text from the Baronetage of England by Collins?
Scraps cut from an unidentified gazetteer.
At the end is the title page and pp.7-51 from A General View of the Agriculture of the County of Cumberland, by John Bailey and George Culley, published by C Macrae, London, 1794.
Individual maps and prints are documented separately; with a note of their position in the scrapbooks.

inscription:- : embossed: label on spine: (tatty remains): HI[ ] / [ ]/WEST[ ]M[ ] / [ ] / CUM[ ]M[ ] / ILLUS[ ]T[E ] inscription:- : printed & embossed: bookplate: gold on grey; crest, 6 annulets from the coat of arms, flowers, thistles: LOWTHER