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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY22


places in the square:-

Derwent Bank, Above Derwent , building/s  (NY25242296)

Fawe Park, Above Derwent , park  (NY251225)

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Field Cottage, Above Derwent , building/s  (NY25102273)

Galemire Bay, Derwent Water , bay  (NY25492261)

Isthmus Wood, Keswick , wood  (NY259228)

Lingholm Islands, Derwent Water , island  (NY25632239)

Lingholm Spruce, Lingholm / Lingholm Spruce, tree  (NY254223)

Lingholm, Above Derwent , building/s  (NY25392225)

Nichol End, Above Derwent , building/s  (NY25392284)

Portinscale House, Portinscale , building/s  (NY252229)

Silver Hill, Above Derwent , building/s  (NY253220)

station, Fawe Park / station, Fawe Park, viewpoint  (NY2522)

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