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roman site, Dalston
civil parish:-   Dalston (formerly Cumberland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   roman site
1Km square:-   NY3650 (?) 
10Km square:-   NY35
SummaryText:-   Several unidentified sites.

evidence:-   old text:- Camden 1789 (Gough Additions) 
item:-  quern
source data:-   Book, Britannia, or A Chorographical Description of the Flourishing Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, by William Camden, 1586, translated from the 1607 Latin edition by Richard Gough, published London, 1789.
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Page 193:-  "... About half a mile south south-west from hence [Dalstoon stone circle] was a small Roman camp about 30 yards diameter, and much about the same distance north north-west another Roman camp of like dimensions. A third about a mile south east much larger. None of these camps are above a mile, and the first not a quarter of the distance from Rose, where Mr. Camden places Congavata, which Mr. Horsley, on much better grounds, fixes at Stanwix. The two smaller camps are now arable land, and have been frequently plowed, but no coins or inscriptions found. The other is on an uncultivated moor, and has never been searched or tried: but small hand mill-stones and other things have been dug up, sufficient to evince them to be Roman."

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